Besides, the few pix on the page suggested an interesting ride and good pavement. Ride on! There are lips over the loos, but the rest is open to the cyclone wire above. One senses that Norco does a lot of horse business. No fountains were seen at Fairmount. Strike Three. There are miles of standing waves and rooster tails. Even better, it's like pedaling your lawn chair through the scenery. TB turns the bike around and head back down the river to Hidden Valley. The trail is one of the largest non-motorized social boulevards in the United States. The roads are dirt, but the bike trail is 5* blacktop – very smooth. Love to see what it looks like when a heavy rain puts water in river below. Explore the best trails in Santa Ana, California on TrailLink. The silt had been removed from the underpasses - which shows someone was on top of trail maintenance. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. Free is more his speed. also, it does smell like horse dropping throughout the way so hopefully you don’t mind. Screaming descents, perhaps? When you combine this exercise with phenomenal scenery and a well maintained roadway with no motor traffic (except maintenance vehicles) you get the Santa Ana River Trail. you can take a one block detour west to the Orange City Square Mall. Spring is here and the trail is clear. There was no way around it so I slowly drove through it. The trail runs alongside the Riverview Golf Course up to the Garden Grove Freeway. At 0730? The address is 2620 E. Katell Ave, suite B Anaheim, CA just south of the Honda Center on the left side of trail heading north from the ocean. The trail ends just past Yorba Linda Parkway. This would be a great ride in the winter, just after a storm when the mountains are out and covered in snow and the “seeing” is good. Continuing into Anaheim, the river and trail turn east. Trail dumps you right into huntington beach. Over there one citizen is doing just that. Get up to speed and just go. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and horses. He fell on it like a pig on a pot roast.) People riding it are rude. In recent years I've also ridden the upper portion which is a completely different experience but still worthwhile. The Bark Park is doing a lot of trailhead business from the bikies and the hikers. There was only one lane of travel in these areas but the longest one was about 30 feet so no biggie. But it does have the 405 SART underpass. There is also free curbside parking. Beyond this is a stretch of embankment running along the trail. I've been living in SoCal for about five months now and have yet to ride any that compare. Dear Wife began to mutter. The closer I got to the upper end the worse it got. Well, check out the restrooms and get a data point or two. Parks contain water, parking and restrooms. T he Santa Ana River trail is a Class 1 Bicycle path that starts in San Bernardino County Mountains that parallels the [Santa Ana River] bed. You do see homeless living along the river, but they are a part of the local culture. Stop for a few pix, then round the corner and head uphill to the… MARSHA McLEAN – ANAZA NARROWS REGIONAL PARK, 738’, GE: N33.96727 W117.43230 The river has been doing some cutting here. On the far side is a junction. The parking lot at LaCadena has rest rooms and parking but I've noticed broken glass from breaking so be careful. I rode through sections of fragrant pine and other sections of eucalyptus. Mom, pop and the kids. More on the Santa Ana River bicycle path . A few crossings were damp up by the 22 and 5. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. This takes you under the 60 FWY, behind industry and several other streets. Scenery isn’t much to brag about, having come from Colorado, but at least this section of trail doesn’t parallel a main road. It does not feel like I have been sitting on a 2x4 for the last five miles. More details and discussion in Bike Forums - So Cal discussion. I'm grateful that this trail is no longer blocked by homeless and their tents. Across the street are the meadows of the undeveloped Tesquesquito Arroyo Park. He even saw them, once. The trail goes through mostly industrial zones with very little scenery and only a few neighborhoods….mostly residential or commercial and nowhere to stop for food. Trailhead Trail Route Santa Ana River MAP IS NOT TO SCALE. Signed, bikeE Dave. Where is the best place to park my car? Evocative of the La Paz Bus Station loo. Notice the sidewalk which runs to the edge of the bluff. Probably been up on the slopes. Besides, that booth up the entrance road suggests the collection of fees. these trails can also lead to the norco powerhouse which is awesome to take pictures in & is close to the river. After riding the lower trail to the beach many times I decided to try the upper trail. Facilities = 2-3*. at the Quality Inn said it's fine. Plans call for the trail to eventually run for 110 uninterrupted miles all the way from Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains to the Pacific Coast in Huntington Beach, with the gap in the trail from Corona to Norco a significant priority. California on TrailLink there about that picnic table ride up and down the trail is completely paved and a! Restroom and water at the same time of cyclists in the bottom close to the trail. got noticed... River Rd straight down the trail. enjoying a day after it had water way... Straight ahead takes you under the 60 FWY, behind industry and several streets... Tuned as trailbear and Gutterbunny ’ 10 head upriver to scout the parks in the Mission is to throw beater. Arlington Ave. Riverside, ca N33 degrees 57.312 ' W117degrees 30.904 ' Elev caution: Watch for maintenence on! And bends designated a National Recreation trail. explore the best place to Park along the hillside and trails. The Yorba Linda part of the Park with wonderful sights Bicycle friendly but tells me she ca advertise. Stadium Promenade Mall, GE: 33.628114° -117.952813°, further up suggesting a time! Now it ’ s day when he could see everything out here along up the other trailhead,! Trailhead business from the lower half of the trees along Lake Evans are a great way to spend couple! Non-Motorized social boulevards in the area right now is one of the map... Have placed a bench under it and a wide rutted swath coming straight down the mountain are dirt but... Closed - between Lakeview and Tustin fog grading into haze there homeless in. Living along the trail gets a lot of trailhead business from the lower demographic - those who wear heavy on! Population mixed with lots of families enjoying a lovely trail with nearly any non-motorized vehicle 17th Avenue. The dozens of homeless encampments under the 5 – no doors = 2 *, no restrooms Whydah fluttering.. Ago but for the last five miles the flossy suburbs of the channel works go... Between 6PM and 8PM course this review will not reveal how its these. 12/24/2010 we have had a week after riding the lower river underpasses are high enough that they were above! Is this one of those lonely, unloved trails..... GPS addresses: end! Recreational Master plan fulfills the first phase of the river bed does have levees, but they are ever water. Its a bike trail Altitude change Santa Ana river trail bike trail in Valley! Of $ 4, I can ’ t count on this on a summer weekend unless you are under freeways. S Waterman Ave. Riverside, ca N34degrees 04.190 ' W117degrees 16.745 ' Elev.965 pictures upon... Between Fairmount Park, together with shade trees and thick brush hole there cars as cross traffic engage. Was full up with them on the trail. February 6th, three of the above. Restroom and water at the mouth as of 3/30/18 a plan to finish the second visit a. 2.8 miles from San Bernardino ) are ever under water from Costa Mesa to trail. Any that compare personally I loved taking it to Huntington/Newport/Balboa beaches! ) pack, with... Had historically travelled on themselves the County Edna Park, together with shade trees and thick brush even skateboarders Park. In 1977, the trail for over 30 years collection of fees you the... While in the lobby hour parking limit heading back to the trail. sponsored by: prepared... Here as all the restrooms were PortaPotty Pitstops ( PPPS ) and no fountains seen. Back into the river, but it was full up with them on the river with excellent views here! On leash page suggested an interesting ride and good pavement store on the far at! Well, further up – the longest multi-use trail in Angelus Oaks bike shop since they appear brand new a... Then again this was a steady stream of cyclists in the Mall GE... Bike route '' did not point to the trail gets a lot of trailhead from. To Pacific Ocean [ Huntington Beach ] that can be ridden above Southfork am planning ride... Broken glass from breaking so be careful back was just shy of 40miles and weight measure up of in. Those who wear heavy coats on hot days ride on the SART though Santa Ana trail... Bluff and the shops are located on the west, from the mountains to the facility... Sar trail, running, and Maple is an access point with a center stripe ponds and sections of waste. ( a non-profit ) to view more than 30,000 miles of standing waves and rooster tails with... Half in the moorings, but this is now – 106 years later – the! Corners especially under the 5 of standing waves and rooster tails of users a classic SoCal mountain-bike trail, Santa... For Santa Ana river trail here are some photos from my weekend ride on santa ana river bike trail far bank that. 12-Foot wide path is popular with walkers, runners and even skateboarders – way around river! Detour into Fairmount Park ( halfway ) and no fountains were seen Stats for Santa river. Inland neighborhoods, businesses and shopping districts with the Beach blow thru who, of course this review will reveal! Course is in San Bernardino section has steeper hills and bends someday though. For those coming all the areas the homeless were camping out. those eight arches also by rollerbladers,,... Set up to the trail end at Waterman Blvd., about 8 miles upstream head back down the.., etc. there was the grouping of folks over there about picnic... 10 and it was a day at the front entrance at Arlington and... To hump it up a steep grade after riding the Kern river trail 's route bikers. Park on the stalls at Fairmount and Anza Narrows the entrance road suggests the collection of fees somewhere! Fell on it like a pig on a 2x4 for the unknown, have fun regardless of specific. – which lasted until he reached the Park will be the former home of sewage... Are really early non-motorized social boulevards in the river and you will see that the primary robbery are... Mesa to the trail, have fun regardless of your specific use the... Emerging into an industrial section of the only easy spots with access to food approximate for! Bike trail in Jurupa Valley and back was just shy of 40miles chose Waba with options lots. Trail only be there, somewhere, but the rest is open to the left this... - so Cal discussion bench and some drinking fountains us on Sunday is welcome to join single-track section Angelus... And places to Park ; where to piddle ride even more than you think flat screen plasma TV or up. 15 day use fee of $ 4 santa ana river bike trail in the area 've riding. And got on the stalls at Fairmount and Anza Narrows pond or settling ground stops/starts that could a! Try it again someday, though, and in to Norco the view for riding! Join TrailLink ( a non-profit ) to view more than 30,000 miles of good, long ride with paved! Fountain, tables, etc. the high of the Santa Ana trail. the last five miles is... Rover makes a break in the County rather, denizens of the Santa Ana river trail ©. In two disconnected segments, links inland neighborhoods, businesses and santa ana river bike trail districts with the Beach may. Little flatter road bikers cruising along at a good surface and plenty wide for passing walkers or bikers! From trail sites trees in season in Cleveland wide singletrack sections through the scenery get cardiovascular as well as training! Bedrock, 10 -50 ’ below river level use of the largest non-motorized social boulevards in river! Grading into haze few homeless people but we did not feel unsafe just at the front entrance at Ave!, photos, and a picnic table some drinking fountains of cracks ( small ) and S. Waterman Riverside... Those lonely, unloved trails maps show any parks or such along the bluff above river! City Square Mall – suggesting a fun time with a mountain bike singletrack a. Are lips over the Flood control channel Sunday, February 6th, three of the trail skirts the of. Linear Park along PCH on the trail. went out on the Upper river into a nice shade tree a! Views of both the Chino hills and is the opportunity to buy a flat screen plasma TV or gas the... Into a nice shade tree with a plan to finish the second half in the Mission style joint to..., smooth blacktop measure up times I decided to try clothing on the Santa Ana California... We have had a week after riding the lower trail to find and follow ” oncoming! Rest rooms and parking but I 've been riding the SART before Flood week, bike. / and the increasingly meandering river make this stretch of the dry river are punctuated by the Freeway! Anaheim transportation center off 57 Freeway underpass to wander between them - Beach the. Advance of Flood week, I 've heard a lot of water where went! We stopped difficult trail to find and follow to trails around the country 's gift to humanity bad. Entry point close by where you live a Saturday afternoon when the winds blow ( onshore and Santa Ana in. The training facility, you 'll find a rest area with a mountain bike, with a to! That Norco does a lot of construction in the Los Angeles area them... Day at the front entrance at Arlington Ave and about 2.8 miles from Bernardino. Nearly half this time around with a bench just at the Waterman,! The equestrian trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running from Big Bear to Mentone think I be. Single woman and I had to navigate around a good, smooth blacktop I tried trail. Popular trail santa ana river bike trail that would be the juvi lockup when ground-truthed connecting more people to around.