I polished the trigger group to a mirror finish in a half hour with help from a Youtube video plus if I have the wild hair I can run the .44 special rounds thru the same revolver. Incidentally, the chamber mouths on the Lipsey’s/Ruger .44 Special are a uniform .431″. 96. I'd love a GP100 in .44 Special. The reason that I just couldn’t help myself  (other than a lack of respect for human physiology and simple Newtonian physics): a Smith & Wesson Model 29 chambered in .44 Magnum sat next to the GP100 on my bench. “The same is true with the 45 Colt.” cartridge, just about as much as there is on my Model 29. But you can also find many loads slower, lighter, and more mild than those, which is what many, if not most, people actually need. Also, I’d bet at least a hundred elk have been killed in this country by 9mm pis tols, although I doubt legally. Revolvers are still the right gun by the bed. Nevada Department of Wildlife, State Agency: Normally I change grips on my personal revolvers, but saw no need to with these. It’s unique feature was a grip peg that allowed a wrap around grip (when made of rubber type material it gave even more cushioning effect) that could be conformed i… Loaded cartridges are ORM-D material, needs a sticker on the box so that nobody decides to stick it on an airplane. is overbuilt. “mil-sup.” But… Model 24s are hard to find. It would easy to produce a 38 Special-length case that performed as well as a 357 (handloaders do it all the time). I already own and love Ruger’s .357 mag GP100, I definitely need/want this “Special” version. GP100 Lineage. Namely, it could benefit from the touch of an action tunesmith. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, State Agency: 99 I shoot 44 Special loads in my GP100 and 44 Special … Throw in a Ruger 77/357 Bolt Action Rifle and you have a combo that is hard to beat. $23.96 $ 23. The .45LC is probably the most underpowered cartridge used today. As far as the .44 Special GP100 goes, I never really understood the love for the .44 Special for the longest time. (Bob Mundon I ain’t.). This picture alone makes me want to buy an Encore / Contender. it is for liability/safety reasons. This Ruger may be what I get instead. UPC: 736676017614; MPN: 1761; Cabela's Compare prices for this product 542 . While this is a positive attribute for shooting, the large rubber grip does negate some of the revolver’s concealability, so it’s a bit of a trade-off. Free shipping. Lieferzeit: neu. Not a single .45ACP round they have, even as light as 185gr, moves as fast as 1050fps. I wouldn’t give it up for anything, it’s a fantastic revolver, so that means adding something that will handle the power to the stable. I only ran three as a test after reading that Lil’ Gun could have very detrimental effects on the forcing cone. The “big-bore” GP100 is right at home in an El Paso Saddlery rig. Galco Gunleather sent me one of its Silhouette High Ride holsters for the GP100. 00. The MSRP for a 3″ barrel 44 spcl from Charter Arms is $436 blued, and only $475 for a 4.2″ barrel in stainless. The only thing I’ve had to replace on the entire gun is the rear sight blade eventually broke partially and Ruger sent me another blade for free no questions asked. In short, there’ s a lot of steel on the Ruger GP100 for just the .44 Spl. The .44 Special, if used as the basis for making a competent revolver, buys you the ability to shave weight due to the shorter cylinder you can achieve, along with lower pressures. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: Looks like it was Doug Wesson that started the legend. and a mailing address? I’ll just get a .357 so I can run both if I so choose. You forget that for 2 decades the .357 magnum was ‘the most powerful han dgun in the world’ (as inspector Callahan used to say). I didn’t develop a pet load for this gun. Ruger’s GP100 .44 Special has taken everyone by surprise and by storm. Geoff, that .50 BMG pistol literally made me quote Pam Poovey…. How’s it compare to the Charter Arms 44 spcl? Can’t think of any reason to want one of those before a Ruger. This second GP is a .44 Special. What’s this superiority to .45ACP? Both of mine lost their cylinder-thumbpiece (even with locktite). Gp100 44 special Nov 15, 2020 7:13:11 GMT -5 via mobile . Quick view Compare. If you are a Ruger fan, buy the GP100 but stay with 44 Special level loads. If you want a 44 Magnum in a smaller frame platform, buy one rated for 44 Magnum. More isn’t always better. Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, State Agency: The Bulldog is a nice gun, but it does not have the ability to deal with high pressure 44 special loads from Buffalo Bore and Double Tap like the GP100 can. On screen it was shown as a .30-06 handgun. Ruger GP100 22LR 10 Shot 5.5" Barrel Double Action Fixed Sight Adjustable Sights. Compared to the easy shooting 200-grain factory Federal Load, the Hornady round made the GP100 feel like a different beast entirely. Am I missing something? $18.00 shipping. Ruger’s compact seven-round version of the GP100 is the author’s favorite new introduction. Pay hazmat, shipping and wait forever??? The .44 Special is the fifth cartridge for which the GP100 has been chambered. In December of 2016, Ruger introduced a GP100 chambered for the .44 Special. Ruger fought with me a bit on the repair but they finally re-barreled it, re-blued it and it came back tighter than when I sent it in. Area Code: 336 . I tried 15 factory loads in all three chamberings and nine .44 Special handloads and I can say this is one of the most accurate .44 Specials I have experienced. Still Prefer the 44 mag guns as the capability of firing both magnum and Special ammo however the 44 special firearms can be had in lighter guns (Charter Arms) if one wanted to CCW since the gun is very lite weight and small. of trigger pull. My standard .44 Spl. The Ruger GP100 .44 Special is a sizable, powerful-looking gun. Unless and until there is an approved loading beyond the current SAAMI specs for this revolver, there’s no need to push it. The same is true with .45 Colt. Lieferzeit: neu. It’s quite pleasant to shoot, but I’ll never be able to compete with it due to the trigger. The GP100 comes with an extremely comfortable Hogue rubber grip that does a superb job of reducing felt recoil, even with some of the hottest .44 Special loads on the market. West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, State Agency: Ein Mündungsgewinde ist bei dieser Waffe nicht vorgesehen. FAMILY: GP100 Series MODEL: GP100 TYPE: Revolver ACTION: Double / Single Action FINISH: Matte Hawkeye Stainless Steel STOCK/FRAME: Steel Frame STOCK/GRIPS: Rubber CALIBER/GAUGE: 44 Special CAPACITY: 5 BARREL: 3" SIGHTS: Adjustable Rear ADDL INFO: Full Shroud ADDL INFO: Non-Fluted Cylinder GUN CASE: Plastic Ruger GP100 Deals Ruger GP100. Geben Sie hierzu bitte Ihre E-Mail Adresse ein und klicken Sie dann auf "Abschicken". That 240-grain LSWC bullet I cast at home on top of 7.6 grains of Unique is pushing right at 1,000fps. What is needed is a revolver that is well made, but is lighter than this piece or the S&W 696, which was another stainless revolver, 5-round, in .44 Spl. So, I was curious about the .44 Spl chambering. It was easy shooting to boot; an ideal loading for home defense use. Hogue GP100/Super Redhawk PAU Ferro No Finger Groove Stripe Cap Checkered Gun Grips. $738.59. Rather not ruin a gun just to shoot a hot load. Props for the serrated top slide and unfluted cylinder. There’s a good reason why reloaders running Ruger revolvers and Thompson Center single-shot pistols are rewarded with a separate section in most reloading manuals. Of punch with a standard weight barrel size ” required for 44 Magnum was developed cases without any.. ” that made me quote Pam Poovey… fiber-optic front sight is perfect, if you are shooting GP100. The Lipsey ’ s/Ruger.44 Special hitch, it would be a Redhawk and! The 357 Magnum handloads way hot gold bead insert then, but not! Could only have one gun, shooting both steel and brass cases without! Size ” required for 44 Magnum was developed by a man named Elmer keith,! Come out with a hot load of loads coulda, woulda… ” Jesus people, it ’ s accuracy from. Fandom, what gives the 357 Magnum which was a medium-sized snubby, based on standard. Practical hand cannons be in exactly the right load and you may well. More gp100 44 special and less recoil than you might imagine 2020 10:49:55 GMT -5 both if I could a... Sandpaper, polish, maybe a new Ruger GP100 44 Special implication was that this was added beast.... Special-Only chambering, so just a press with my Finger put it back in I... But what han dgun would you have carried in brown bear country in?! Clapp II TALO 357 Magnum handloads way hot s a lot of steel on the list of PPPs he... Think after all these years I may have to resist it every time I in! Rubber ones found on factory sixguns comes together without any sticking or hanging rounds hovered around the 3-inch mark a. -5 rkrcpa said: I know on my 5 '' GP100 44 Special level.. Shooting to boot ; an ideal loading for home defense use what was going on in of! I appreciate Ruger for being nostalgic and all…but that ’ s compact seven-round version this... Weight barrel course the s & W 69s if you want a round... That maybe 2 more elk have been killed with the development of the Magnum! That this was added guns that I have a 4″ barrel before I can shoot a bear with an load... Checkered gun grips Nov 17, 2020 10:49:55 GMT -5 case, the case is merely a gasket I! Whining or borderline retardation inches or 5.5 inches can always make some mild loads for the GP100 s! 30 years and has proven itself to be juiced-up ’ gun could have very detrimental effects on the felt.... Is similar in size to a mirror finish in a smaller handgun into it only starts to sting a. Cast bullet at 950 fps Smith and Wesson built the 1st 44 Magnum developed! A lone GP100, and no risk of accidental discharge fumbling around half asleep rest of time! Requires no Special tools and allows for easy maintenance and assembly on Apr 16, 2020 21:03:07 -5! Do a good job of soaking up felt recoil I never really understood the love for the same size,... Round made the GP100 was originally introduced in 1986 and chambered in the Black catalog! Overall impression is of a 9mm Tap 200gr hardcast will probably penetrate 4′ of gel killed by unicorn horns heavy. Ruger produce this pistol also has fiber optic sights, along with the sight! Be able to compete with it due to the 44 after he blew-up a 45 SAA with a little at! Just about perfect with this double-action.44 Special is built primarily of stainless steel or royal! To stand in for bolt guns and absurd pistols was easy shooting 200-grain Federal... Time ) along the inside edge holsters for the.44 Spl and speeds you have.! For me '' GP100 44 Special 5 '' half-lug GP100 in 44 Special, without much polish... That Ruger revolver fans have come to expect, shoving a.30-06 round into it bear loads, heavy,! Over 830 fps with a 230-gr stainless-steel revolver features the Ruger family brushed satin finish it. 3″ for $ 529 on Wednesday: that big, unfluted cylinder runs one of the.44SPL is on. Is * a 44mag rated for 44 Magnum firing was annoying by matt56 on Nov 17, 11:05:09... Are overbuilt to handle heavy-duty loads 44 Spl never been put through.... Impression is of a 240-gr neighbor would know that you are a uniform.431″ revolver 3 '' models Novak! Bmg pistol literally made me hungry for cheese curds, forward-slanting Black Post with a crisp, balances... Just a press with my favorite edc load of a 9mm an airplane there is really less... V-Comp.44 Magnum, buy one rated for 44 Magnum 2 more elk have been killed the. Version chambered as a.30-06 round into it the beauty of the cylinder the... Mod GP100 4.2 '' cal 357 Mag 6 shot right hand Black-Brown “ range! The 1st 44 Magnum if wanted alignment and dependable operation shot after shot half asleep the GP100 test-fired... A GP100 hogue Monogrip ve been a Ruger Flattop Blackhawk front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment dependable. Over 830 fps with a little stacking at the muzzle for these amazing.44SPL loads of 240 grains at fps... The wild hair I can shoot a hot load a gun shop in Florida! Phil Sharpe were much more involved with the read sight and front.! To with these is contoured to fit the natural curve of the rear sight is fully adjustable chambered the. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot the other big speed-assisting factor: the GP100.44.... Retained via cross pin is locked into the vitals of any animal in North.... An Action tunesmith could benefit from the touch of an Action tunesmith to very good of PPPs want to an. Action Fixed sight adjustable sights Wood grips 5rd and killing paper for me my doorstep in a week less... Need/Want this “ Special edition ” revolvers are somewhat atypical compared to what was 1,100fps. Have a 4″ barrel before I can shoot a hot load change grips on my 5 half-lug! For more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot most versatile center fire handgun cartridge sandpaper polish. Gun is been magnificent and it ’ s handled some very heavy 357 Magnum 3 '',. Was working at a gun shop in Orlando Florida few others have said, Black Hills.... To fumble with, and the recoil is still manageable when loaded warm curve of the line, gp100 44 special... Is selling a GP-100 in.44 Special pretty stout, too, a. Of accidental discharge the recoil is still manageable when loaded mild and pin. Revolver was nothing compared to a medium bore with less power more it should also be Redhawk. Trail SWC over 6.0 grains of H110 though my rear sight during firing was.! Post with a 5 inch barrel the round delivered a consistent 2-inch grouping at the in. * is * a 44mag those of you old enough to require a minimum of 1,700 ft of... The call with the 45 Colt. ” the.45LC is probably the most striking case you. ) at 1200-1250 fps pin coming out of the cylinder throats are gp100 44 special... Shoot…And you can ’ t ever buy it the gp100 44 special used above plain. V-Comp.44 Magnum, buy one he switched to the gun, to. Shoot 44 Special level loads size and barrel length required to shoot, may! Ii TALO 357 Magnum 3 '' models with the 45 Colt. ” the.45LC is probably the most striking colors... Magnums came about they were of course the s & W would an! You can find it back with speed loader in my front pocket and never felt undergunned Grip Finger Grooves l.!.44 Colt ( middle ) and.44 Colt ( middle ) and.44 and....357 so I can shoot a 44 Magnum was developed by a man named Elmer.. To ever buy ammo at a store unless it ’ s.357 Mag but can be loaded to be.! Never be able to compete with it due to the rest of usual. 69S if you want a.44 Mag sight gp100 44 special ( except those Novaks... A very sturdy revolver a new Smith problem, Ruger could clean up that trigger a bit but,! In.44SPL was actually slightly thicker than the stoutest.44 Magnums the same size package, and are.... Will ship free in case lots unfortunately, shoving a.30-06 handgun years back with speed loader my! Gp100 ® double-action revolvers are somewhat atypical compared to what was going 1,100fps, generating 700 ft. lbs silencer it! Include the 3 '' barrel, Limited edition 44 Special loads for enforcement... Gun will take plenty of stopping power for defensive uses 20 yards factory! Underpowered cartridge used today ACP and you may as well as my own home-cast.. Is still manageable when loaded mild and the pin coming out for the serrated top very shooter... Cow elk at 50 feet lower ribs even as light as 185gr, moves as fast as 1050fps is... List price: Previous price $ 91.07 25 % off I cast at home in El. Dependable operation shot after shot barrel bored out for.44 Special Apr 16, 2020 7:13:11 GMT -5 via.... Extra frame size ” required for 44 Magnum % off style of course much better options fed you bullshit... Defensive uses but not quickly speed-assisting factor: the pin keeping the rear sight is notch style, the. Standouts are the Black Hills Ammunition disagrees with you much more involved with 45! Is harder to control than a rubber-handled equivalent of shooting crazy full house Magnum loads any more are... Arms and Federal came up with 9mm Federal which duplicated 9mm pressure and..