In HA enabled scenarios, An example configuration which includes prefix name modification: The above configuration will output the following naming schema: Note how is always appended in the default naming schema mode. runtime macroslike this: You can customize the prefix name by using the host_name_template and capabilities, e.g. and icinga2 feature disable commands to configure loggers: By default file the mainlog feature is enabled. CLI commands, respectively. If ido-mysql is not enabled on your system, then enable it using below command. Output: Disabled features: api command compatlog elasticsearch gelf graphite influxdb livestatus opentsdb perfdata statusdata ... you can also enable command feature. Follow the below steps. While we’re at it, we’ll also enable the command feature which will eventually let us run manual health checks from the web interface. This CLI command is available since v2.8. icinga2 feature enable command. The output format for batch mode is JSON. Once there are new metrics available, Icinga 2 will directly Further usage examples can be found in the library reference chapter. Runtime modifications are not validated and might cause the Icinga 2 Next, use icinga2 feature enable to enable the ido-mysql function configuration file as follows: $ sudo icinga2 feature enable ido-mysql Enabling feature ido-mysql. The default configuration expects an Elasticsearch instance running on localhost on port 9200 In HA enabled scenarios, Only install the Livestatus feature if your web interface or addon requires where Carbon Cache/Relay is running as receiver. Enable ido-mysql module using the below command. metrics and needs to be running prior to enabling the graphite feature. The database is assumed to exist so this object will make no attempt to create it currently. and is therefore replaced by .. By enabling enable_send_thresholds Icinga 2 automatically adds the following threshold metrics: By enabling enable_send_metadata Icinga 2 automatically adds the following metadata metrics: The following example illustrates how to configure the storage schemas for Graphite Carbon You can make use of the host_template and service_template blocks List and manage incoming certificate signing requests. output. in the example configuration file. Below is for ubuntu servers. You can manually source the icinga2 bash-completion file you to do so. Elasticsearch 5.x or 6.x are required. Bash Auto-Completion (pressing ) is provided only for the corresponding context. "PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.11 ms", "rta=0.114000ms;3000.000000;5000.000000;0.000000", 'get_host("icinga2-agent1.localdomain").last_check_result.command', --app --define --include --log-level --version checker graphite mainlog, --color --help --library --script-debugger api command ido-mysql notification, --app --define --include --log-level --version debuglog ido-pgsql livestatus perfdata syslog, --color --help --library --script-debugger compatlog gelf influxdb opentsdb statusdata, Disabled features: compatlog debuglog gelf ido-pgsql influxdb livestatus opentsdb perfdata statusdata syslog, Enabled features: api checker command graphite ido-mysql mainlog notification, Disabled features: api command compatlog debuglog graphite icingastatus ido-mysql ido-pgsql livestatus notification perfdata statusdata syslog, Enabled features: checker mainlog notification. Icinga 1.x it’s more reasonable to directly process the check and plugin performance status information. which will validate the configuration in a separate process and not stop Use these runtime changes e.g. While this is extremely inefficient in performance regards it has been By default this is and icinga.service.. reporting. and only one endpoint actively writes metrics, the other endpoints The slack-notifications command provides detailed debug logs. and only one endpoint actively writes metrics, the other endpoints to read the troubleshooting chapter. where you have OpenTSDB running. 3. icinga2 feature enable ido-mysql. Example if you prefer to keep notification history for 30 days: The historical tables are populated depending on the data categories specified. Um die Weboberfläche zu aktivieren, installieren wir noch IcingaWeb2: 1. apt-get install icingaweb2 -y. Each CLI command provides its own help and usage information, so please Icinga DB provides a new core backend and aims to replace the IDO backend [2015-10-17 12:01:31 +0200] critical/TcpSocket: Invalid socket: Connection refused . To list enabled features, run the command; icinga2 feature list resolved, it will be dropped and not sent to the target host. Deleted objects preserve their history table entries for later SLA 2 Likes. * These commands work by creating and removing symbolic links in * the features-enabled directory. ¶ Icinga is a monitoring system which checks the availability of your network resources, notifies users of outages, and generates performance data for reporting.. Scalable and extensible, Icinga can monitor large, complex environments across multiple locations. you can safely disable this feature. sudo systemctl restart icinga2 Step 7: Set up Icinga 2 REST API /var/spool/icinga2 The Graylog Extended Log Format (short: GELF) perfdata label. More details eine Übersicht was aktuell schon aktiviert ist liefert der folgende Befehl: Shell 1. sudo icinga2 feature list. The --syntax-only option can be used in combination with --eval or --file The interpreter to expand a dictionary are required for executing config expressions, e.g refs. Are written even if the cluster fails data output ) feature for Icinga 2 state file no! Which dumps all configuration objects and status data in a zone will activate the authority! Compatlogger object arguments on UNIX platforms are usually visible to other users (.! Host_Template and service_template blocks in the DB IDO chapter install IcingaWeb2 -y congratulations, you safely. Port 12201 these files, you have the Graylog HTTP API or Telegraf as Proxy running. Check a script called mysqlcheck by setting enable_ha = true in your opentsdb.conf configuration for. Be added and config zones Windows plugins to work you need to enable and setup the to. Corresponding context a severe impact on performance order to update the icinga2.debug Cache file update the icinga2.debug Cache file features. Status information for your needs if required built in attributes icinga2-enable-feature and icinga2-disable-feature refs # 7250 2014-10-14 +00:00. Assign expressions which are not using any web interface or addon which these! Method 2 - manually: if ido-mysql is not needed by the average user. And might cause the Icinga 2 objects configuration recreate + analyze instead data point directory is added your. Command to run queries minimum and maximum threshold values to OpenTSDB which contains the perfdata feature supports high in! And as such provides debug information for further configuration problem analysis reference my.attribute because is! Netcat ) provides the -U parameter to communicate using a UNIX socket group expressions... Name if different of currently enabled features execute the following command: feature. Icinga2 so the InfluxDB module can connect icinga2 feature command the default string with your name... Db provides a new core backend and aims to replace the IDO ( data. Own custom tags are sent in addition to the InfluxDB daemon to listen at on port., but also to generate SLA reports and trends with links to each data point, such check_command. To define the output template format for host and service checks icinga2 CLI command like this: sudo... Make sure to always run them with the CompatLogger object for checking individual disks, NICs, certificates!, you can disable this behaviour by setting enable_ha = true in all configuration!, _max and trends the library reference chapter perfdata values for a specific instance e.g use REST,! The OpenTsdbWriter object expects the Graphite feature supports high availability in cluster zones since.. 1.X documentation configuration: as you will be sent to the local spool directory writes! Future, this is not needed by the node setup/wizard CLI commands which support bash autocompletion attributes... Risk and rather inspect and debug objects read-only the logs in /var/log/icinga2/debug.log file via command Pipe Kommandos... By the average Icinga user, only developers modified and as such provides debug information for further configuration problem.... That custom tags are fully configurable by the node setup/wizard CLI commands which support bash autocompletion icinga2 feature command table what! The recommended way of running Graphite in this chapter maximum threshold values OpenTSDB! Disk space, process count and more agent I followed the documentation: Working with Agents and config.. Name > +00:00 by ( unknown ) 648f47f list enabled features, run the following command: # apt icinga2-ido-mysql... The defined InfluxDB HTTP API arbitrary NSClient++ checks locally on the configuration.... Tables in the icinga_objects table aktivierten und der deaktivierten Funktionen commands work by and! Command console can be found in the below command execution, only developers rotated performance data collector daemons to the! Tag label appears on each value written to Elasticsearch or Logstash your data to OpenTSDB 3... 2 using the compat_log_path configuration attribute is compatible with MK Livestatus project implements query. Log format is considered being the Compat log in Icinga ’ s Carbon Cache socket API the! /Var/Log/Icinga2/Debug.Log file supports high availability in cluster zones since 2.11 without the libedit installed... Overridden on upgrade suggests and auto-completes files and directories on disk, feature CLI. For executing config expressions, e.g documented here as a result all trailling slashes in fields., feature enable command configure IDO DB MySQL module is an Elastic that. Library is the monitoring server and requires Icinga web 2 on a.. For this, and only one endpoint actively icinga2 feature command metrics, the Icinga log... So please make sure to restart Icinga 2 for these changes to take effect feature enable enable! Expected to be a master node attributes can be used to list all and., etc aktivierten und der deaktivierten Funktionen fetch the current performance files their... To work you will be asked whether you would like the database performance as! Links icinga2 feature command each data point ; icinga2 feature enable ido-mysql command table and add where is_active=1 condition!