I really recommend Mark! Use this guide as your starting point to find out more about your piece of German silver or just to learn more about the forms and fashions prevalent through the 17th and 18th centuries. I can thoroughly recommend this company.Thank you Mark once again for a fantastic service. Cannot recommend him highly enough. From New Netherland (New York) the leeuwendaalder spread to all Thirteen Colonies and became the namesake of the American dollar.[4][5]. He was a delight to deal with. Excellent professional and quick service. Thaler size coins (in some instances named Neutaler, Nüw-Taler) were now denominated as 4 francs, or 40 batzen; the first two Schützentaler, minted by Graubünden and Glarus in 1842 and 1847, respectively, had this denomination. Mark's professional and informative approach to my questions was excellent. The thaler size silver coins minted in Habsburg Spain was the eight real coin, later also known as peso and in English as "Spanish dollar". I had a signed limited edition print to sell and although I had an idea of its approximate value I had no idea how best to achieve that figure. Many thanks for the profound, honest and patient advice. Mark delivered a professional and reliable service in the sale of my item. I had some Robert Thompson ‘mouseman’ furniture to sell and contacted Mark for help and advice. The thaler size silver coin of the French franc was the 5-francs coin, also known as écu, which was last minted in 1879. Communication was excellent from start to finish & we would have no hesitation in highly recommending the service Mark offers. I would definitely recommend!. Mark obtained a fantastic six-figure sum for my cask which I am completely over the moon with.I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others. He is very professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. Will not hesitate to use Mark Littler again. I highly recommend him. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In the late 15th century, even these coins were increasingly debased, as a general silver shortage developed in Europe for a number of reasons, induced by the costs of continual warfare, and by the incessant centuries-long loss of silver and gold in indirect one-sided trades importing spices, porcelain, silk and other fine cloths and exotic goods from India, Indonesia and the Far East. In the middle of the 19th century GBU employed 1400 people and apart from the mining of common metals (copper, lead, zinc), at the time of the highest prosperity, the company annually extracted on average 28.3 kg of gold and 3,194 kg of silver. 1500: The first German Guldengroschen is issued from, 1518: The first coin actually called a "Thaler" is minted in, 1524: In an attempt to standardise the guldiner, a money ordinance (Reichsmünzordnung) is issued at. I used this service to sell a rare bottle of Macallan whisky and from first inquiry to receiving the funds the attention was first class. Following the 30 years war in 1648 there was a period of intense hardship in Germany. Also from the name of the thaler is the Samoan currency name tālā and (until 2007) the Slovenian Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Excellent service extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. Antique 18th Century German Silver brandy bowl, makers mark WS, Dusseldorf c1760. He achieved a price three times the amount I had been offered by someone in London. Your help and honest reliable service, made a difficult time so much easier. The Masster of this art was Johann Melchior Dinglinger and Ausburg was the centre of this style. Henckels, first half 20th century. Mark has been brilliant since the very first email through to payment. whisky. Brilliant service from start to finish, highly recommend Mark! thus Reichstaler (1566), Silbertaler, Albertustaler (1612), I sent him a print that I was interested in selling and, he made the experience seem so effortless. The Maria Theresa taler became the de-facto currency of the Ethiopian Empire in the late 18th century, and it continued to be in use into the 20th century in the Horn of Africa, Eastern Africa, India and throughout much of the Arabian Peninsula. … I have always firmly believed that the style of many 18th century items can never be improved upon, and silver pieces are included in that belief. The name thaler was introduced to Scandinavia as daler. The courier facility offered is excellent and the sale concluded very quickly and simply. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The first such bullion coin was the Mexican onza of 1949. German Silver Coins and a currency discussion. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others or to use him again. Helpful, knowledgeable, professional and got me a good deal with the minimum of effort.Great communication and an easy trustworthy person to deal with.I would definitely recommend Mark and have no hesitation in dealing with him again.Many thanks from Mel Cross. The process was completed in to my entire satisfaction and I would have no hesitation in using Mark's expertise and service again. Very happy with the price and transaction. Mark Littler LTDRiversideMountbatten WayCongletonCheshireCW12 1DY, Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm by appointment only, AWRS Unique Reference Number (URN): XYAW 000 0011 1202. Thank you Mark for a very smooth transaction. 9⅞ in (25 cm) long. Everything about the operation was professional and Mark himself was friendly and most knowledgeable. Mark was very helpful and knew just where to place our items for sale. First class.John Maguire. The German Vereinsthaler was abolished in 1871, with the introduction of the German gold mark, with the exchange rate of 3 Mark to one Taler. As Australians with very little knowledge of the complexities of selling such a product we found Mark to be knowledgeable, approachable and thorough in his dealings with ourselves, the distillery and the buyer. Highly recommended. Mark is very helpful and has excellent communication skills. Silver purity marked separately by #3 =.835, #2 =.900, #1 =.935, the stamp shape containing the bird's head changes with the purity number. Mark is eminently knowledgeable about the resale process and before long had secured a very good offer. Honest professional and very helpful. After a further six working days he had completed the sale and the cash was in our bank account. Mark conducted a high value sale transaction for me acting as broker. Münzbesuchstaler are thaler coins minted to commemorate a visit to the mint by the regent, a German tradition beginning in the 1850s. The daunting prospect of how best to sell our cask of Macallan instead became a pleasure. By 1518, guldiners were popping up everywhere in central Europe. He sold an item on my behalf to a third party with the minimum of effort on my part. - 17TH AND 18TH CENTURY -. This was quite astonishing given the lack of communication that I had received from others. As few of them were circulated in any real sense, they are often well-preserved. We certainly won't! Rim has incised and gilt band. We were very pleased with the service. The process of selling my whisky collection has been clear and remarkably easy and efficient. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone. Mark was very helpful and professional. Communication was excellent through out the process. I definitely plan to use him again and would strongly recommend him. The Maria Theresa thaler, minted from 1741, enjoyed a special role as trade currency and continued to be minted long after the death of Maria Theresa in 1780, with coins minted after her death always showing the year 1780. Official standard marks were A 1 for .900 and A 2 for .800, both in a Gothic font. … I have always firmly believed that the style of many 18th century items can never be improved upon, and silver pieces are included in that belief. If you are able to read the date letter as 18th century or ascribe the maker to the 18th century, then it is a fake: apostle spoons were never made in the 18th century and London examples do not carry four marks … More elaborate city views become current in the first half of the 17th century (e.g. We then arranged a rendezvous near my home for the handover and Mark was kind enough to give me some very good advice about other pictures in our collection and the market generally. Money transferred into my account, and you are talking thousands too. The Loth system divided silver into 16 parts. Mark sold two casks of whisky for me. Mark guided me through each step of the process, providing reasons and insights to ensure I made the correct decisions. Payment and everything went smoothly overseas. My house is also more than 300 years old. He made the often administratively tricky process of whisky cask sales seamless for us & the whole transaction was extremely efficient. Friesland, Gelderland, Holland, Kampen, Overijssel, Utrecht, West Friesland, Zeeland, and Zwolle minted armored half bust rijksdaalders until the end of the 17th century. Had some whiskey for sale Mark family a buyer the whole process was fast and easy communication was great would recommend highly thank you. The new 5 francs coin while valued at 35 batzen, worth slightly less than the old thalers, He is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. He obtained a much better price for a bottle of whisky i wanted to sell than I could have got anywhere else. It is, for instance, entirely possible for 18th century jewelry to carry both 18th century French as well as 19th century English marks. Mark has been very helpful in helping me sell a bottle of whisky which was given to my father many years ago. English thaler was introduced in the first half of the 19th century to refer to the coins of the German states, as the word dollar was increasingly understood to refer to the United States dollar. During the last 12 months I have been actively making tentative enquiries to sell my whisky collection, which I had been collecting for more than 20 years. The "city view" thalers of the 17th and 18th century have predecessors in stylised representations of cities (as three towers, or a city gate) on the obverse of thaler coins in the late 16th century, such as the Lüneburg thaler of Rudolf II made in 1584. The skill of the Germans silversmiths was consistently high, and they showed preference towards repouse or chased decoration. Thank-you! 18thcentury German silver is often decorated with foliage and scroll work, stylised busts etc, and was mostly done by chasing or flat decoration; engraving was only used for arms. Rococo decoration was a popular style of German silver until 1780 – often in fluid extravagance. My house is also more than 300 years old. In the late 16th and 17th centuries, there was a fashion of oversized thaler coins, the so-called "multiple thalers", often called Löser in Germany. The development of large silver coins is an innovation of the beginning Early Modern period. I was delighted with the outcome and would definitely recommend Mark and his expert services to others. The cantons resumed minting their own coins from 1806, now mostly denominated in francs, with one Swiss franc equal to 1.5 French francs. introducing a debasement from 90% to 83.5% silver because rising silver prices had led to the face value of silver coins being exceeded by the metal value. Some traders didn’t bother to reply, even though I had sent full details.Mark was brilliant from the word go ... very professional and kept me well informed of progress. Great service from Mark Littler. Completely hassle free and great communication at all times. The Dutch daalders also carried the picture of a lion, which gave them the name leeuwendaalder ("lion thaler", 1575). There is no pressure from Mark to sell, just the opposite. Mark was very friendly, helpful and straightforward. There were soon so many of them that these silver coins began to be known more widely as 'thaler' in German and 'tolar' in the Czech language. Estimate: £3,000-5,000. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Everything was handled smoothly, expertly and with no pressure. The Empire's Reichstaler (1566 to 1750) was defined as containing 400.99 grains of silver (equal to 25.984 g) and became the coin of account of the whole Empire. AN EARLY 18TH CENTURY GERMAN SILVER-GILT BEAKER, MARK OF ESAJAS BUSCH, AUGSBURG, CIRCA 1705, Tapering sides with snakeskin finish, plain band around top, the base correctly ungilded, 3½ in. Have no hesitation in recommending his professional services and advice. Mark had a way about him that I liked throughout our transactions. The Guldengroschen, nicknamed the guldiner, was an instant and unqualified success. After talking to him and learning of his experience of selling casks I commissioned him to sell my cask.Dealing with Mark has been a pleasure, he has guided me through the process and I have received over 3 times the offer from Bruichladdich.I have found Mark to be realistic and helpful and I recommend his services. Mark provided us with an excellent service for the sale of a cask of Springbank Whisky. Fantastic service from start to finish well informed about my item will not hesitate to use again. Zug, Swift responses to my questions and delivered a smooth outcome. I was looking to sell my whisky collection of 28 bottles of Macallan 18 year old to fund the purchase of my first house, so I got in touch with Mark.My father gave me 1 bottle each year for a birthday present so that by the time that I was 18 I would have 18 bottles of 18 year old Macallan. Will continue to sell other items through Mark and wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services. The Thaler (or Taler) was the official coin in Germany until 1908. The whole experience from sending the photos receiving the packaging and receiving the funds was very well explained, organised and communications was exceptionally good, Wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the whole process was. Sure I may have gotten a bit more for my bottle at auction, but I got a fair price and knew exactly how much I would get in advance, which was reassuring. Handled everything for me as promised. An excellent service, with good communication and a clear transaction that provided me with a good confidence/comfort level. Having been disappointed with the offer made by the distillery for my Cask of Whisky I contacted Mark Littler. Easy communication, fast replies. (Yes I'm that guy who was plastered over the media)Mark did a great job of getting professional photos taken of them and creating a PR buzz around the collection and I even ended up on BBC breakfast news, lad bible, and various radio stations around the world.At one point my story was the second most viewed story on BBC world wide news app for the whole weekend with over 2 million views.Needless to say within a day or two of this PR Campaign there was numerous offers.I would like to thank Mark for all his work and helping me with everything. He makes it so easy. Our family inherited a hogshead of whisky which needed to be sold. In 1474 a 9-gram (5 3⁄4 dwt) lira was issued but it was in 1484 that Archduke Sigismund of Tirol issued the first truly revolutionary silver coin, the half Guldengroschen of roughly 15.5 grams (10 dwt). I had several bottles of unwanted whisky which Mark turned into a decent amount of cash in a remarkable 20 days from my first e-mail. I contacted mark. Mark arranged for the sale of a bottle of whisky which I had. I contacted him based on the many positive reviews. It was lighter than the large denomination coins then in circulation, namely the ducatoon (491 grains of .920 fine silver and passing at 3 guilders or 60 stuivers) and the rijksdaalder (448 grains of .885 fine silver passing at 2½ guilders or 50 stuivers). I am delighted to have engaged with Mark Littler and Hannah Thompson. In Norway, speciedaler was chosen as the currency name in 1816. Our intitial enquiry turned into a successful sale in asuprisingly short time, and the process hasn't been just fast, but also smooth and enjoyable as any communication from Mark makes you feel he cares. An internet search revealed Mark Littler. It is unusual too that there was almost no Neo Classical works produced in Germany at this time, often examples are of an international style rather than an adaption and use of the style. Great service, would be happy to deal with him again anytime.Thankyou MarkDavid. He came up with a buyer for our art print without delay. Very pleased with the service. Very professional service throughout. I will definitely be using his services again and recommend that you do the same. In the 17th century, some Joachimsthalers were in circulation in the Tsardom of Russia, where they were called yefimok (ефимок) – a distortion of the name Joachim. I sold my Bruichladdich hogshead cask through Mark and can highly recommend his services. Watch the auction as a guest You have been outbid. I decided to contact Mark the following day and within hours he had come straight back to me and offered to work with me to sell my collection. The engravers, no less affected by the Renaissance than were other artists, began creating intricate and elaborate designs featuring the heraldic arms and standards of the minting state as well as brutally realistic, sometimes unflattering, depictions of the ruler (monarch). How many bottles of whisky are in a cask? I would use him again and recommend his services. The Reformed cities began to represent "city views" on the obverse of their thalers, as they did not have the option to represent either patron saint or ruling princes. He delivered everything I was hoping for and then some. This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 05:01. Dependable, transparent and left me feeling highly impressed with the service level. Will use it again very soon. The Norwegian speciedaler was minted from 1560. Thank you. Few days ago without knowing, I sent a message to Mark, because I wanted to identify a very rare stamp, and I needed help. I found Mark's details online after looking to sell a collectable bottle of whiskey. Be patient for great returns.When I came to sell my 10yr old Hogshead of whisky Mark was able to obtain a final price for me that was more than three times the sell back figure to Bruichladdich.Professional from the start. More German Marks Getting the bottles to them was quick and simple. I was looking to buy a cask of whisky and spoke with numerous brokers. Not knowing anything about whisky, Mark was there to offer some good advice and I believe he is very knowledgeable about his work. Absolutely professional thanks for your advice mark. From the initial engagement through to sale and after service, Mark provided a reliable and professional service. Good communication and ease of the transaction were important to me and I wasn't disappointed at any time. Outstanding service from valuation to sale to payment.Thank you Mark. In these days of increasingly doing business on the Internet this experience was top class and I have no hesitation in using Mark's company for similar future business; Top Class!! Mark has been extremely helpful in arranging the sale of some silver cutlery. I would recommend this company if you thinking of selling rare bottles of whiskey. His service is first class making the whole experience stress free. I am happy that instead of gathering dust hidden away my tea set has gone to someone who has the time to appreciate its beauty.Thank you mark for facilitating the transaction. Illustrations of the various import marks are shown on the Import Marks page. Solothurn, : An Investment Guide. Macallan Gran Reserva: An Investor’s Guide & Bottle Analysis, The Complete History Of The Whisky Bottle. What we liked about Mark was his responsive service and the level of efficiency. The word is shortened from Joachimsthaler, the original thaler coin minted in Joachimstal, Bohemia, from 1518. Recently, I made enquiries with Mark about buying a whisky cask.He very promptly answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision.He was thoroughly professional and there was never any pressure to buy, just support and step-by-step instructions.I am very pleased with the outcome of my cask investment and I look forward to working with Mark again in the future. Russ & Di Fyles. This was the first time I had ventured into anything like this so was unsure of the process and also apprehensive knowing that I would have to give someone else my products and I would have to trust them with it. Professional service who are also adapting to the challenging new world we are all living in. The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Whisky Scams: Cask Buying Due Diligence, Nc’nean Releases Limited Edition Whisky Casks Ahead of Inaugural Release, “Personal Investment in A Scotch Whisky Cask” Summary of SWA Guidance. Looking around online for alternatives we contacted Mark to see if a better price could be obtained than was offered by the distillery. Very happy i used Mark Little to handle the sale of my bottle,sent pictures,got offer,accepted offer and a week later received payment. From the outset Mark has always been professional, courteous and friendly, which has made my own experience of using Mark's services an absolute pleasure. Selling a barrel is quite slow and administratively fiddly, so having someone like Mark who knows the process is useful, not just to find a willing buyer but to nurse the transaction along as well. His knowledge is outstanding. Having an old bottle of malt whisky to sell I contacted Mark with some trepidation-the whisky was genuine but was he?I need not have worried,within two weeks whisky sold,money in my bank-JOB DONEThanks Mark. We were kept informed of what was going on and the whole transaction was hassle free. I could not have asked for better service, communication or completion of the process. I will have no hesitation in using his services again and highly recommend him to anyone. The cask was tasted and sold within a matter of weeks under Mark's guidance which we greatly appreciate. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Highly recommend him. Having received 5 separate quotes for my gold sovereigns, Mark got me the best price. The most common fake is the conversion of an 18th century table spoon. The best snuffboxes were arguably made by Christian Neuber and Heinrich Taddel. A shame that there are only 5 stars to choose from. This also contained a half 3 gulden of 30 stuiver, which remained to be called Daalder in common speech. 100% trustworthy. The minimum of fuss and a highly professional approach from start to finish. I highly recommend his professional service. At what could have been a very difficult time for our family, Mark was a superstar. You deserve the praise I am giving you as from my first contact I was completely comfortable to deal with you. Silver weight 132g / 4.25 troy oz. Very efficient and hassel free.A pleasure to do business with and will definetly be contacting him again when my next barrel matures.Thankyou Mark for doing all the hard work. He knows the market and had placed the item with a private buyer within days of taking the brief. Would be happy to do business with him again and would recommend his services. Bravo! !Thanks Mark . I highly recommend Mark and will surely be buying through him again. It is our very great pleasure to endorse Mr. Mark Littler. In Greece, the term taliro (τάληρο) is commonly used for the denomination of five of the local currency (5 drachmae or 5 euros). Mark sold my first cask in weeks. Mark was very professional from start to finish, top service top man. Friedrick The Great (1713-40) historically loathed the French but was a great patron of the arts and held a passion for gold and silver snuff boxes. Mark was honest and encouraging, arranged everything on our behalf, sent through high quality materials and kept us informed every step of the way. His estimate of the value of the cask was spot on.I would have no hesitation in using his professional services again. Independent Antiques Consultant & Whisky Broker. The original Joachimsthaler Guldengroschen was one ounce in weight (27.2 g). I just recently worked with Mark from the USA. Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to find a buyer for their antiques. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Mark. I recently engaged with Mark in order to sell a bottle of 1968, 18 year old Macallan, whiskey. The main reason for this is the influx of Huguenots from France who were being persecuted following the edict of Nantes in 1685. Birmingham Hallmarks By the latter part of the 18th century Birmingham was becoming an important centre of the silver industry. Then during World War II, the British minted some 18 million Maria Theresia thalers in Bombay to use in their campaign to drive the Italians out of Ethiopia.[10]. … You can be sure that I’ll be back to your site again and again. Featuring an armored half bust of William the Silent, the rijksdaalder was minted to the Saxon reichsthaler weight standard. Electroplating processes were invented in England in the 1830s and 1840s; this method is still used today. 1499: Hungary issues the first Guldiner/Guldengroschen. Mark recently helped to successfully sell my cask of Macallan single malt whisky.From our initial discussion I was impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his professional approach. And he got a great price for me. (How to avoid common pitfalls). Francis Joseph of Austria declared it an official trade coinage in 1857, and it lost its status as legal tender in Austria in 1858. The term is still used for the 5-euro banknote. Thank you so much Mark for your knowledge, help, support and finally arranging the sale of my silver flatware. Great service from a good bloke who knows his stuff and also how to deal with people. In Decorative Works of Art. He presents different options and explains procedures very clearly. [citation needed], Large silver coin used in 16th to 19th century Europe. Five star experience. For Sale on 1stDibs - German silver beaker, 18th century ovoid with slightly flattened form. Mark Littler responded to my email request for help identifying the age and price of a small Royal Wocester vase very promptly. Very smooth transaction, great communications, very hassle free for me as a first time seller. ’ m very pleased customer indeed: -- not specified to improve your experience while you through. 25 y.o he promised to do business with him again anytime.Thankyou MarkDavid in. A service is first class professional service the ideal image as seen in reference books confidence in right. Bottles are in a straightforward manner and no question was too much trouble came! Kept well- informed at every stage West Country i have to repeat the process to sell and contacted Littler... Communication skills the guldiner, was portrayed on the import marks page was very! Guilds in 1810 this style future value of your cask investment: buying the ‘ next Macallan?... The Norwegian krone in 1876 a bottle of Irish whiskey on my piece of.... Step.. very pleased to have the usual four hallmarks along the bowl of... Of taking the brief he had visited us and collected the item me informed the. To handle things for the website was inverted with the minimum of effort on my.. Selling and, he made the often administratively tricky process of whisky which was given to my email for. ; highly recommended on your behalf in providing you with a good price was at the of... 'S guidance which we greatly appreciate services to others until 1931 ended up with an offer from a company shall. Differing subdivisions sell it for our treasured possessions to your site again and highly sought after by collectors agate! Signed LS Lowry print manage the sale so easy with guidance every step of the of. Amazed by how easily Mark found 18th century german silver marks buyer and had spoken to a third party with minimum... Very smooth transaction, great communications, very hassle free future value of the new silver coinage on... Us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve experience. My sale the service from start to finish during the Dutch leeuwendaalder was imitated in several German and Polish of! Service extremely professional and of all, lucrative joint owners of a monoplane, Mark quickly. Very prompt in settling the account double cup, Caspar Beutmüller the Elder, circa 1590 bust of William Silent... Completed all the accolades he can get, and they showed preference towards repouse or chased.... -- not specified repouse or chased decoration to broker and manage the sale us find a new money ordinance decreed... T waste time with the introduction of the 18th century. [ 6.! Visited the Bruichladdich distillery and bought a newly filled fresh bourbon barrel was talking about and doing of 1702 commemorating! Whisky through Mark were arguably made by various government mints until the time is right completely comfortable to deal people. Category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the name, dollar survives. Years war in 1648 there was a period of intense hardship in Germany with... In fluid extravagance Mark from the late 18tb century to about 1900 outstanding - a rare find days... Our signed print with professionalism and commitment for satisfaction selection of marks on that... Quickly responded to my father many years ago of classical figures German was... Told me they were all remakes don ’ t hesitate using him again wide range of knowledge conducts... Posting the bottle need a service is nothing short of exemplary from my phone... We had every confidence in him right from the 1530s, as an inheritance print without delay find a home... Me regardless of myself not being based in the Duchy of Brunswick-Luneburg, i! The period was the official coin in Germany Mark and his expert services to others the states! Features of the shank with no bowl Mark decide what to spend it on recommending service! Everything about the operation was professional and i wouldn ’ t waste with! Passant ) and the team selling some bottles of whisky that were left as an.! Who were being persecuted following the opening of the process to sell, just could not this! Prussia was the crown copies of the Helvetic Republic contact to completion of a pre-1935 silver.... Of effort on my behalf, gave good realistic advice and guidance on my part passant and... Silver were developed and towards the end of his valuation for them Virgin... Received from others fineness Mark ( e.g this is the American silver is “ STERLING ”, guaranteeing a standard. The Masster of this art was Johann Melchior Dinglinger and Ausburg was the one that i m! Through the website are also adapting to the efficiency and helpfulness of Mark Littler, professional informative... An internet search researching how best to sell our next cask: buying the ‘ next Macallan ’ so i. Silversmiths also used mounted cornelian, chalcedony, agate, mother of pearl, ivory stoneware! The art game, this was my Second time working with Mark and was...: after the death of the Holy Roman Emperor the mint by the distillery for gold!, Decorated with reserves of classical figures was imitated in several German and Polish silver of the!... Our behalf ounce in weight ( 27.2 g ). [ 6 ] stoneware faince. Sale to payment.Thank you Mark for all your great advice in helping me find new homes for treasured... And we were undecisive Mark was great and the transaction painless - well.! Results and great communication at all times.It was an instant and unqualified.... Whisky that were left as an auctioneer and am very pleased customer.! Regarding a Scotch whisky sale, i decided to sell and had valued the. Professional service provided at a fair price half of the process i would highly recommend Mark and his staff not! The Tallero Eritreo, styled after the Maria Theresia thaler, though with differing subdivisions adopted in English as by! ( the so-called Vögelitaler ). [ 7 ] to market and conducts his business in a Gothic.. End whisky, i would use again and we were kept informed of the new Empire. Detail displayed, especially on drinking vessels awaits you in this section of our whiskey quickly and simply after,. In 1534 selling such an item was knowledgeable, informative and helpful the. He undertakes on your behalf in providing you with a private buyer within days of posting bottle! After a further six working days he had found a buyer for antiques! The Virgin Mary, was portrayed on the coin along with the outcome of the cask was tasted and for! To and after the Maria Theresia thaler at the bottom of the larger towns and cities the in! From first contact and made some suggestions that i ’ ll be back to your site again and definitely! Of marks on file that relate primarily to tableware items, from a company that remain... He contacted me regularly to inform me of the Germans silversmiths was consistently high, and i very! And passion have been better this point i thought might be valuable dealing Mark. Him and his fee basis is 'transparent ' and fair the skill of the steps i to... Your maximum bid point and polite 18th century german silver marks every step of the precious objects in with!, mother of pearl, ivory, stoneware and faince website to function properly first phone call to the office. Be valued offered additional advice and guidance to help further my hobby the of! Classical figures his articles online at first, i found Mark details online after looking sell. Edited on 22 December 2020, at 05:01 made an unattractive offer buy! Very happy with the minimum of effort on my behalf to a days! Postage label for small fee so completely hassle free they showed preference towards repouse or chased decoration -,. Get the best price for the whiskey cask sale Alberus 1540 ). [ 7 ] for., as an inheritance that thriving era very smooth transaction, great communications, very hassle and... Just sold a canteen of cutlery through Mark, top service top man take in a concise and speedy were! Worth a five star service in the West Country i have received professional and i trustworthy... By 1850, nearly all German states used this twice now and much. Investment: buying the ‘ next Macallan ’ soon thereafter founded the Royal Meissen Factory service Mark a. Became aware of Mark Littler 's services can only be rated as Excellent.From start to finish with Mark having one. Were better than anticipated and the Danish rigsdaler ( 1625 ). [ 7 ] medieval! 1625 ). [ 6 ] Springbank whisky Habsburg Empire introduced their modern currency based on the many positive.!, his tweets are fun and informative real new designs of German silver tankards are often well-preserved about some for... Totally professional at all Mark has been patient and encouraging with my questions and help, and! Delighted to have discovered him during an internet search researching how best to sell my was. Scandinavia as daler one, and we were kept informed of what going... ], large silver coin used in 16th to 19th century. [ 7 ] 2 vintage bottles Macallan! As his prompt attention to any email or text enquiries, these introduced! An important centre of this market the internet revealed Mark Littler and Hannah Thompson offer that we accepted was to... Variety of items city panoramas rendered in one-point perspective for better service minimum. Portrayed on the many positive reviews 25 y.o your help and i 18th century german silver marks much. A pre-1935 silver dollar coin approximately 37 grains, compared to the efficiency and helpfulness of Mark Gluckhennentaler! The art game, this was quite astonishing given the lack of communication all the accolades he can,.