Does it engender a sense of community and belonging towards the school? The Harris Sixth Form is where adult life begins and where you begin to take the first steps towards a successful career. We welcome parents on-going support to advise students on what is appropriate attire for a business environment. During Monday-Thursday we operate a strict 'Dress to Impress' business dress code. However additional clarification is sometimes required: see below. Students who adhere to this policy are allowed to partake in 'Dress Down Friday' and wear more casual clothes on the last day of the week. Sixth Form students are very important role models for our younger students and it is an expectation that all students are smartly dressed. The guiding principles for all items are: Would I wear this to an interview? Sixth Form students in Year 12 and 13 are expected to wear business / smart wear. Dress Code. Is it practical and smart? The dress code for all Sixth Form students is based on smart business wear. Dress Code The rules in relation to clothing worn by sixth form students in Years 12 & 13 are more relaxed in keeping with their age and status as young people approaching adulthood. If a student’s appearance is not acceptable, he/she will be required to go home to change. Our dress code stops short of uniform and instead, we have a dress […] Dress Code How we dress is very important in accurately reflecting our commitment, professionalism and attitude towards sixth form life. Students MUST wear: collared work shirt that can … By joining the Nobel Sixth Form, you agree to adhere to our dress code. Sixth Form Dress Code From September 2020. At Banbury Aspirations Sixth Form Campus, we take pride in our professional dress and it is vital that all students dress according to our policy. Sixth Form Dress Code Sixth Form students are role models for students in lower school, and their standards of dress are an important part of the culture of Whickham. Robert Clack Sixth Form Dress Code Sixth form students are important role‐models for our younger students and their attire should reflect the high aspirations and professionalism of the sixth form community. The look of the Leventhorpe Sixth Form is “smart business” with our expectation for the Sixth Form to set a good example to the lower school. Langley Park School for Boys is a secondary school in Beckenham in the London Borough of Bromley, catering for boys aged 11-18. Students are expected to regard Sixth Form dress requirements in a positive manner. Students must wear their school lanyards at all times. Dress Code As role models to younger students, the appearance of all Ribston Hall Sixth Formers is important and helps to set the high standards that we hold of all of our young people. Sixth Form » Dress Code » Dress Code. At Leventhorpe we have a Sixth Form dress code, rather than a uniform. There should not be social pressures to dress … Sixth form Nobelians are required to maintain a high standard of business-like dress. The purpose of this dress code is to reflect the pride Nobelians take in being part of our sixth form, whilst also maintaining the smart appearance of the lower school years. The school has a co-educational sixth form. All students, both male and female, are expected to wear a formal, plain suit: The Sixth Form Dress Code Students are expected to be dressed to reflect a school-based working environment. Sixth Form students are expected to wear smart clothes suitable for a modern business environment and that would be appropriate for future job interviews. Sixth Form Dress Code. We do this because we believe our young people need to develop good judgement about the way they dress for life and work. The full dress code requirements are listed below: A smart-casual look is fine and in practice most students appreciate what this means within a school setting.