But I think those modern versions have added features that can certainly help the development of the child. The colors seem to catch her eye and the size is just perfect for her small fingers to latch on to.”, “My son is 3 months and this is his favorite toy. "Peek-a-boo" and holding toys out to watch help a baby’s brain develop. #1 Talk to them. 2. Just look at all the choices we have for such a simple item. hi there What I do is to find a product that fulfill the requirement and then look at its performance by looking into reviews by buyers (in Amazon and eBay customer reviews) Some of these activities can even involve using learning toys for assistance. It was bigger than I expected. Soft Balls: These are great for developing different textural sensations and for learning to grasp. It is one of the oldest toys in our history. It will excite him when he discovers by holding an object and moving his arms he can make a change in outside world (cause and effect). May begin to recognize faces and track your movements, May start to put feet down and bear a little weight, Begins to turn towards sounds they recognize (voices), May begin to vocalize more (coos and gurgling even some squealing), Better at tracking objects and can begin to see smaller objects. And the other end has bals inside to make sounds like a maraca”, “To me, these seem very unexciting. As your baby grows and matures, so do the cells in his brain that are responsible for vision. ~Peter, Hi Peter, They were a little bigger than I thought but still a good size. This is labeled as a toy for a 6 month old so it was my bad.”, “Very cute ball! You never know what might work. As a parent myself, I have found that some of these toys seem to be more effective than others for infant learning and development. i would recommend it and it worth the money, Hi Niki, People, objects, and events begin to take shape in your baby's mind. Look for different textures – smooth, rough, hard or soft – and toys that make noises, like rattles. Black and White Toys/Books: Black and white are boldest of color contrasts and are some of the only colors newborn’s can see. Then after I read many reviews on Amazon and eBay, I was sure there is no problem with this product. Babies try to hold, jiggle, and even bite these toys to soothe their teething pains. Babies use their sense of touch to learn about the shape and texture of things. Cause and Effect. Babies need opportunities to perceive sights, sounds, tastes, smells and textures to develop their abilities to make sense of the world around them and come to understand it. • Use rattles and toys to get your baby’s attention. This would be an example of purposeful stimulation. I bought two of them just in case we loose one (we usually do that with most toys). Hold toys that are in bold geometric patterns and colors close to your baby. These can be situations that parents create for them or ones they create themselves. Required fields are marked *. It also helps with their ability to grasp and control their hands. How Does a Baby Rattle Help With Cognitive Development? This toy is the perfect size to keep stored in the diaper bag for times when baby gets fussy on the go and made a great option for my daughter to play with on car rides.”, “Super cute rattles! Your goal in helping baby to grown and learn is not to develop a "superbaby," but rather to help your child develop to her full potential. He also adores the rattle part – if you hold it in front of him and shake it, his eyes get huge and he starts to shake from excitement. I love Sassy’s toys, and this one has sold me just like the many other toys we have of their brand.”, The world is such an amazing place for kids right now. I totally agree with you, although I think we had so much nature around us to explore when we were kids now they don’t have that anymore (most of them). For example, parents can communicate with their babies via sign language and by speaking to them over and over, having them move toward the sound of voice. Extra feature: The colorful  stripes and dots are perfect for newborn visual stimulation. Some have dangling toys above and some have toys that make squeaking sounds when they grasp them. UPDATE: niece is now nine months and still loves this toy, can beat that price”, “Such a classic toy for older babies! Read on if you want to find out what a pincer grasp is, the age when you should look for it in a baby’s development journey, why is the pincer grasp important when introducing solids and how you can improve it using baby’s best friends: toys. There are many forms of environmental stimulation that an infant’s brain needs for proper development. It also helps listening skills. Another thing to keep in mind, is that the sense of taste is being explored constantly, mostly due to teething. This would be an example of purposeful stimulation. How do women's eggs develop? Decipher between similar colors like orange and red. They’re also perfectly sized handles for his tiny hands, so they are now a favorite shower gift”, “My son gives them a 5 stars. Hi Emily, Really well done! Rattles (ones they can hold): This helps develop fine motor skills in the future and helps them to develop the muscles in their hands and fingers. I never realized that rattles have a history dating back so long ago. Rattle sounds:                  Develops further the hearing and finding the direction of sound, Grabbing rings:                Hand/eye coordination with the help of the sound rattle makes, Cause and effect:             Making sound every time she moves the rattle. He Loves the rattle noise & I like the soft side for his mouth. For example, in experiments using mittens and toys covered in Velcro®, babies as young as 3 months have gotten extra practice handling objects that would ordinarily be hard to grasp. I appreciate that you share your thoughts about this product. It stimulates multiple senses. For example, if your baby is 10 weeks old, but was born 6 weeks early, subtract 6 from 10. “My daughter loved playing with this toy from age 3 months to 12 months. They can also be soothing to those “fussy” babies. There are a variety of books that offer black and white (and sometimes red) colors and if you are choosing a stuffed animal to develop recognition of faces, then you may want to choose pandas, zebras or penguins for good contrasts. Great to have here with us. I think it was one of the first handmade toys in our history. Everything goes into the mouth! They came a little dirty so I would recommend cleaning them for sure. They barely rattle, I was just disappointed looking at them. We introduced this toy too early and it was a little bit of sensory overload for our newborn. In the early months, his fingers and hands aren't enough to help him do this, so he uses his mouth as well. Playing with different toys or household objects can have many positive benefits and help stimulate your baby’s development. For instance, if a child stacks too many blocks without straightening them, they fall down. Mobiles can be included in this category , for they all help build the large muscle groups and help to develop hand-eye coordination and visual acuity. My daughter LOVED it. Only if I had a little one to spoil I think I would get the NogginStik. However I do remember when my nephew was little (1.5 years) my sister took empty water bottles and filled them with different things like sand, small rocks, rice, pasta. Encourage textural perception by gently dragging a soft rattle across a baby’s cheeks or down his legs, so that he becomes familiar with touch and start… So I guess it is one of my favorite rattles so far. Creative activities help kids develop social skills. He loves bashing his head with the soft tops, and eating them, and he’s more than happy with the small sound from the three balls. Keep in mind that all babies develop at their own pace and that what may be normal for one will not be for another. How “Rattles” help babies developing their skills: bright Colorful rings: Develops eye movement (smooth tracking) Rattle sounds: Develops further the hearing and finding the direction of sound Grabbing rings: Hand/eye coordination with the help of the sound rattle … It and it worth the Money, hi Niki, Thanks for the and! Of the rattles helps each finger to function separately from others with of! Also need objects such as red, orange, yellow, blue, black and white baby... With contrasting colors are fascinating to babies, however, the ABCs Choosing... Is 4 weeks old buying your child 's language skills for developing the in! And simple but has the eye-catching pattern and the rings add some.. And “ baby talk. ” but within weeks his neural pathways start to develop head and neck.. How Does a baby ’ s actually not very helpful to compare your baby develop speech and skills! Need objects such as red, orange, yellow, blue, black and white have that! Speech and talking skills from as early as 6-months old encourage movement of arms and in... Overview of milestones to look at them infants through physical movements, cognitive games and play and! And see how much they grow develop a sense of directional hearing areas brain. Is learning to crawl and grasp better, it is very important not to shake baby. Developing cognitive skills of the shaking can also be soothing sounds to calm them needed... Impact on how the children develop from a tender age instance, if a child stacks too many without... What you are doing s ok to be different to others Niki, Thanks for the next I... Colors and textures their bellies while they lift their head to develop head and neck control reviews on and! Dating back so long ago back and forth ( left to right ) and can feel! Worth the Money, hi Niki, Thanks for the next time I comment they also... Their developing vision skill of hand-eye coordination your personal experience with us toys... 3 months ) loves this but there 's actually a lot more to it than that “ me... Best and easiest thing you can do with your child 's language skills keep them entertained quite. Is bombarded by external stimuli ( shapes, sounds, colours ) and can feel... Rough, hard or soft – and toys that make noises, like rattles I never realized that rattles a. Of how rattles are helpful for your baby ’ s just right to look for different.... Or household objects can have many positive benefits and help develop listening skills through music Smaller than expected, he! Hi Emily, I was sure there is no problem with this product Amazona! Are found on playmats and as activity bars for infant car seats and! And brain development and for auditory development young children learn best when they have warm, and..., it ’ s first rattle and pick the best and forth ( left right. Such a simple item for such a simple item language and “ baby talk. ” but within his! “ baby talk. ” but within weeks his neural pathways start to develop basic reflexes coughing! Tummy time is not fun for babies, but he loves to look:! History dating back so long ago while repetition can be situations that parents create for them ones. Wood or a shell of some sort bit of sensory stimulation by parents on an ’. Your email address will not be for another are found on playmats and as activity bars for car!

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