The projected cost is $12 billion, but the US is only paying $2 billion of that. STUTTGART, Germany — Shopping malls and other facilities at U.S. military bases in Germany will remain open in the coming weeks, even as many host … The Pentagon spends an estimated $10 billion a year on overseas bases. The United States has said it expects to move its European military headquarters out of Stuttgart, Germany to Belgium, as it announced broader plans to shift 12,000 troops out of Germany … Phone: 011-49-9641-83-8371. BTW, we don't pay most for most of the construction on those bases either. The bases and transit rights acquired by U.S. planners in the 1940s remain integral to U.S. power projection, and facilities in Germany are especially important. Installation Directory 1991 based on BICC Report #4: Restructuring the US Military Bases in Germany. We only pay for AAFES, MWR and DECA facilities. Approximately 11,900 US troops, a mix of Army and Air Force units, will be removed from Germany to meet Trump's mandated cap of 25,000 US forces in Germany, according to a senior US … USAG Grafenwoehr represents the path to celebrity for the small town of Grafenwoehr, located in eastern Bavaria, close to the border with the Czech Republic. At the same time, a large portion of the American troops in Germany is engaged in the U.S. military’s efforts outside Europe and simply bases operations in the nation. It is one of the dozens of co-bases located in the southern part of Germany. DSN: 314-476-2650. United States Army Europe and Africa official homepage. Not only that, its public knowledge, but the proposed move of 8000 Marines to Guam from Okinawa is being funded mostly by the Japanese. More than 70% of the total is spent in Japan, Germany and South Korea, where most U.S. troops abroad are permanently stationed. The statement is in direct opposition to Defense Department documents that explicitly state herbicides were sprayed in Thailand in the early 1970s to protect bases from counterinsurgency attacks. U.S. Army Europe and Africa trains and leads the U.S. Army Forces in the European and African theater in support of U.S. European Command, U.S. African Command and the Department of the Army. The troops that ares still stationed in Germany are there because Germany is a NATO country as such, so the Americans, while closing down many bases, have kept Ramstein Airforce Base and a few others near the Frankfurt am Main area They also maintain a Military Hospital there.

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