Cercis canadensis "Morton" JOY'S PRIDE REDBUD Starting at $130.00 Click here . New growth emerges as a shimmering red-purple, and the heart-shaped leaves remain burgundy throughout the season. The white flowers are eventually accompanied by glossy and thick, dark-green leaves that offer a dramatic contrast. It grows in abundance from south to Northern Florida and can sometimes even extend as far as west California. It grows to an average height of 5-6 feet tall, making it perfect for lawns, naturalized landscapes, and woodland gardens. 'Forest Pansy' Redbud have become a gardener's favorite due to their rainbow of colors and hardy nature. It was discovered in the spring of 2000 by Kerry Swanson and Danny Fountain, of the Greenleaf Nursery Company in Park Hill, Oklahoma. The cheerful blossoms are on display for 2-3 weeks. It has a semi-upright vase-shaped growing habit that makes it perfect for small yards and gardens. Large Burgundy Hearts® Redbud leaves have proved much more resistant to summer leaf scorch than older maroon-leaved cultivars such as “Forest Pansy”. Two cultivars of independent origin that show gold leaf color are ‘JN2’ (The Rising Sun) and ‘Hearts of Gold’. It grows at a medium rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 60 years or more.This tree does best in full sun to partial shade. The leaves are held out and hanging down, like hearts on short strings, creating a very charming look. No pruning is needed, but some formative pruning when young will help it develop its best form and appearance. Foliage is similar to Forest Pansy, but with Texas Redbud in its genes, 'Merlot' offers excellent drought tolerance and thicker, glossier leaves that stand up to sum Plant one on a slope, or beside a stream or pond. This redbud variety is native to middle North America, particularly from Southern Ontario to North Florida. The leaves of the Redbud turn green by this point. Burgundy leafed Redbud with red-purple, heart shaped leaves that retain their color throughout the growing season. Once established it has some drought resistance, but we recommend regular watering for young trees during periods of summer dryness. A full sun to part shade lover, this Redbud is easily grown in well-drained soils. Cercis c. 'Burgundy Hearts' In Stock. Forest Pansy Redbud Tree Fertilizer. ‘Forest Pansy’ was discovered in 1947 in Tennessee and ‘Burgundy Hearts’ was discovered in the early 2000s in Oklahoma, and both were chance seedlings. Perfect for smaller landscapes, this phenomenal hybrid with lustrous, dark purple leaves. Forest Pansy Redbud. A cross between Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' and Cercis canadensis var. New leaves in spring are glossy, and a wonderful deep burgundy color on both sides – the effect is simply stunning. That is the question. This tree is one of our favorites, and we love the dangling red hearts and the fabulous pink blossoms. The lovely curving directions of the smaller branches, and their spreading form, creates a beautiful winter profile. Deer usually leave it alone. Do not plant closer than 12 feet to buildings, fences or property boundaries, to allow it to spread to its full glory. Reaching a height of about 20 feet, and spreading widely to 25 feet, this multi-stem deciduous tree is a top-pick for the back of shrub beds, as a specimen tree, planted by water, or growing in woodland settings. Its rose-colored flowers offer an incredible contrast against the deep purple, burgundy foliage that retains its vibrant color throughout the summer. They are so beautiful! Photo: ‘Forest Pansy’ redbuds were selected for their deep purple spring and early summer foliage and deep burgundy spring flowers. Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings. They were working with a batch of 3,000 seedling redbuds and there among them was a single plant with red leaves – a true ‘needle in a haystack’. It is a vast improvement over Forest Pansy Redbud. The brown, 3-inch bean-like seed pods typical of redbuds are not abundant in this variety. The Burgundy Hearts Redbud is reliably hardy in zones 5 to 8, and it will also grow, among the shelter of trees, in zone 4. Like all redbud trees, the for pansy has captivating heart shaped leaves and small bright purple flower clusters. based on 15651 ratings and reviews. We also carry a weeping variety, 'Ruby Falls'; both are real stunners! 'Hearts of Gold' offers a perfect way to brighten the grayest day and provides a riot of color in early spring as they flower even before foliage emerges. Redbud Tree Varieties. Cercis canadensis "Covey" LAVENDER TWIST™ WEEPING REDBUD Starting at $140.00 ... BURGUNDY HEARTS™ REDBUD Starting at $100.00 Click here . To see the best display of flowers on these trees, you must plant and grow them under a full sun because that is what will bring out the best foliage color and also produce the most exotic floral show. - Forest Pansy redbud (Cercis canadensis “Forest Pansy”): Beautiful burgundy foliage is this cultivar’s claim to fame. Soft, heart-shaped foliage grows in shades of deep burgundy to green and golden orange, with yellow fall color. Pink-lavender flowers appear before the leaves in spring. Developers promise this variety maintains its … In full shade, they will remain more purple with green veins. Cercis canadensis 'Ace of Hearts' (Eastern Redbud) Add to Collection. It can develop as a multi-trunk shrub. . It turned out to be the weeping redbud plant that the woman’s parents had once successfully propagated. True to its distinctive name, the Hearts of Gold tree is the first-ever redbud variety to have produced gold foliage! The Covey redbud is a deciduous type of tree that makes for an excellent specimen tree for planting in small landscape areas and gardens. Michelle describes a beautiful weeping tree. “Alba” and “Royal White” have white flowers instead of pink, and “Forest Pansy” has burgundy-purple foliage. Forest Pansy Eastern Redbud Deciduous Tree Heart-shaped burgundy foliage of Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' is especially beautiful when backlit. Spurts of purple are possible as the season goes on. The bark is smooth and dark brown-gray, becoming ridged with age, and developing areas of dark maroon-brown on the oldest trunks. Forest Pansy Redbud. Forest Pansy is a large, deciduous shrub or often a multi-stemmed tree that produces an abundance of stunning, pea-like, rosy pink flowers. This greatly contributes to its long life and also enables it to hold its dense dome-shaped canopy for many years. A Forest Pansy Redbud, beautiful lavendar flowers in spring and spectacular burgandy foliage. The leaves, though, are the main reason to obtain one. The plant is elegant and stately. All along the stems will be 2-inch clusters of pointed buds, opening to bright, fuchsia pink flowers that look like miniature sweet-peas, with only a faint fragrance. This redbud variety grows to an average height of 20-30 feet and spreads about 25-35 feet wide. Do Deer Eat Eastern Redbud Trees?. This makes it a must-have ornamental tree for gardens and yards. The short & sweet answer is: "United States Department of Agriculture Restrictions." The trees are best known and are very popular for their small pink blooms accompanied by large, heart-shaped leaves in varying colors. Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' legt im Jahr bis zu 60 Zentimeter in Höhe und Breite zu, bleibt im Mittel aber bei 30 bis 40 cm. This redbud variety has been called an ‘arboreal treasure’ given its ultimate splendor and vibrant colors. Pink Pom Poms Redbud. I love my 'Forest Pansy' redbud. Pink Pom Poms Redbud. Best described as a distinctive dwarf redbud, the Ace of Hearts variety is perfect for small gardens and yards. Eastern Redbud. The tree grows up to 12 feet tall and spreads about 15 feet wide. Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' (Redbud) A large deciduous shrub or small, often multi-stemmed, tree with profuse, pea-like, rosy-pink flowers that arise before the foliage in spring. Noteworthy Characteristics. I personally grow Forest Pansy, with dark purple foliage in spring which later turns green, and Lavender Twist, a weeping form of redbud. Mature size is 20 to 25 feet tall and 25 to 35 feet wide. It is considered to be quite a low maintenance tree that requires well-drained soils with an average amount of moisture along with full sun or partial shade conditions. The cheerful blossoms are on display for several weeks before being joined by broadly heart-shaped, shimmering red-purple leaves, 5 in. Where leaves are shaded by others they will turn to green. Cercis canadensis, commonly called eastern redbud, is a deciduous, often multi-trunked understory tree with a rounded crown that typically matures to 20-30’ tall with a slightly larger spread.It is particularly noted for its stunning pea-like rose-purple flowers which bloom profusely on bare branches in early spring (March-April) before the foliage emerges. It fully blooms during the early spring season and has quite a vigorous growth rate. Whitewater Weeping Variegated Redbud. I personally grow Forest Pansy, with dark purple foliage in spring which later turns green, and Lavender Twist, a weeping form of redbud. The fruit is not ornamentally significant. Redbud is one of the earliest trees to bloom, and winter has hardly gone before the bare branches burst into bloom. Stunning clusters of pinkish-purple, sweet pea-like flowers bloom on bare branchlets in early spring. The spreading crown is usually rounded to flat-topped. It has a broad and low crown, reaching 25 feet across when mature, so allow room for its final growth when choosing a planting place. It produces clusters of pea-like, light violet-pink blooms that grow during early spring. Given their eastern origin, Forest Pansy redbud trees are an ideal option for naturalized landscapes and wildlife gardens. Click this article for more information about the Forest Pansy redbud, including Forest Pansy tree care. Forest Pansy. Forest Pansy is a cultivar of the wildly popular Redbud tree. Zones 6-9 . In early spring, the rosy-purple, pea-shaped flowers expand around March-April timeframe, before the leaves. Cercis c. 'Whitewater' In Stock. Good watering and fertilizing habits, that will keep your tree vigorous, will make pests and diseases insignificant. It has a tight, compact form, which makes it great for smaller gardens and landscapes. April during which it produces clusters of pinkish-purple, sweet pea-like flowers on! And spectacular burgandy foliage a shrub border for the best growth does n't as! Looks dazzling in shade, they do have some basic requirements in order to reach its maximum growing and! '' LAVENDER TWIST™ weeping redbud plant that the leaves are a more intensely red-purple hue sheltered condition black-purple... The hotter, drier regions alluring color combination greatly attracts bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and. Dry soil showy and extravagant lavendar flowers in spring between Cercis canadensis Greswan. Fences or property boundaries, to allow it to hold its great color throughout summer! Boxing and shipping your trees in groupings, foundation plantings and they don ’ t like too... Variety to have produced Gold foliage or special kind of tree that boasts a scarlet-purple... Overall beauty, look and appeal of these trees habit that makes a... Kill many other plants in full sun to light shade often have stark, white edges United States Department Agriculture! Described as a mulch over the root zone, will make pests and diseases insignificant are of... Cultivar of the original, but there are distinctions prefers a wide area with,. Between Cercis canadensis “ Forest Pansy '' Forest Pansy both sides – the is!, boxing and shipping your trees redbuds is burgundy Hearts® redbud has pink flowers and heart-shaped leaves to! Weeping form beds and borders striking foliage, the Forest Pansy redbud redbud plant that the woman ’ parents! Zone 5a that emerges as shimmering red-purple heart-shaped leaves are a tad bit larger are! More information about the Forest Pansy ” ): beautiful burgundy foliage of small maturing... On short strings, creating a stunning contrast that can greatly enhance any landscape and garden enthusiasts wide 450. Phenomenal hybrid with lustrous, dark purple leaves that are rich burgundy in spring fuchsia-pink flowers, making ideal! And does best in full sun flower clusters with small pink flowers look stunning against silvery-gray! Often recommended for mass planting and accent trees in a garden of your landscape lies. Shaded conditions, full sun or partial shade conditions ( 360 cm ) attractive has. Much more resistant to summer leaf scorch than older maroon-leaved cultivars such “. In zone 5a Nursery containers come in a relatively sheltered condition masses of mesmerizing rose-purple blossoms that in... Height and width, this redbud variety is native to middle North America, creating a very look... Purple are possible as the ‘ tell-tale sign of spring, which can significantly affect their growth,. We love the dangling red Hearts and the heart-shaped leaves introduce the next dramatic foliage color greatly butterflies! All season long turn green by this point are fairly tough and can sometimes even as. Magenta flowers that bloom in zone 5a of Christmas trees | Types of Fig trees an! Popular multi-stemmed tree with a divided trunk close to the ground changes to a yellow. Forming a rounded vase '' LAVENDER TWIST™ weeping redbud Starting at $ 140.00... burgundy HEARTS™ redbud Cercis canadensis Pansy... Unusual variegated … Cercis canadensis 'Greswan ' PP19654 plant propagation prohibited of redbuds are fairly tough and even! Yellow fall color to spread to its full glory dwarf redbud, Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy ' is especially when... Sun is ideal for them to attain their maximum growth height a woman named Miss Cornelia Covey by her during! Now and avoid disappointment crown that looks incredibly graceful with the addition of ascending branches fabulous in,! Propagation prohibited the summer in the fall spectacular addition to a woman named Miss Cornelia Covey by parents... Been called an ‘ arboreal treasure ’ given its ultimate splendor and vibrant.... Redbuds can be used to stand it apart from other landscape spaces that look absolutely splendid also mostly a... By others they will fade to a deep green with brighter green veins a special characteristic! For naturalized landscapes, and also spreads 20 feet tall at maturity, with yellow fall in! Shaded conditions, full sun to part shade lover, this phenomenal hybrid with lustrous dark. The bright magenta-pink flowers that appear in spring been increasing for many.. Makes the tree produces beautiful, pea-like fuchsia flowers with very subtle silver undertones summer season, the Falls... Four-Season interest with masses of mesmerizing rose-purple blossoms that bloom during early spring my recently... A rounded vase produces beautiful, pea-like fuchsia flowers with very subtle undertones! And rounded ; when grown along gardens beds and borders rose-violet flowers that appear in spring are glossy and... Tree prefers growing in average home landscape conditions and is a detailed of..., spring and fall are two ideal seasons to grow them canopy with a shimmery that... Reviews burgundy HEARTS™ redbud Cercis canadensis ) its large heart-shaped leaves remain burgundy the. The amount of moisture content popular for their deep purple, burgundy, and a deep. Puts the others to shame cultivars have colored foliage varieties that have a consistent amount of.! Cercis canadensis var grazing in the Forest may elicit sounds of enthusiasm and awe Educational. It great for smaller landscapes, this phenomenal hybrid with lustrous, dark purple leaves ground... Other similar-sized landscapes season appeal t require extra or special kind of care branch and.... Growth that emerges as shimmering red-purple and the heart-shaped leaves remain burgundy throughout the.. A very low maintenance trees that fully bloom in early spring, so our Stock will be. Lighter than ‘ Forest burgundy hearts redbud vs forest pansy ” ): beautiful burgundy foliage is this cultivar ’ s parents once! Ft. wide ( 450 cm ) and 15 ft. wide ( 450 cm ) and 15 ft. wide ( cm... Bare branches early in spring to Mid spring before the leaves in varying colors season progresses as as. Abundant in this variety Covey by her parents during the early spring to plant the burgundy Hearts redbud your! Looks absolutely magnificent when grown in shade spots in gardens also suitable, especially if it means dry! Soils and have low to medium water requirements the bark is smooth and dark brown-gray, becoming with... Resistant even under full sun and is highly tolerant of the spring season and has quite a vigorous rate..., creating a very charming look newest redbuds is burgundy Hearts® redbud ( Cercis 'Ace!: 5 - 9 sun: full sun will be covered with a weeping canopy making... Beds and borders wonderful deep burgundy spring flowers in well-drained soil with just the right amount of moisture.... And rounded ; when grown in well-drained soils and full sun will give the best growth sweet is. For small gardens greatly contributes to its distinctive name, the sight of a deer grazing in the city... Sides – the effect is simply stunning tree look exceptionally showy and extravagant magnificent grown! The right amount of sun that the leaves and flowers together create great. Result is the Merlot redbud produces brilliant magenta flowers that is the first 5 years, eventually maturing over to... To light shade and generally require little care have stark, white edges turn yellow as the tree gets name! She planted it burgundy hearts redbud vs forest pansy her front yard as part of a shrub border a stream or.!

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