The detergent was opened, but the pack was laying on the bottom of the dishwasher. Model SHX55M05UC that suddenly isn't dissolving the Cascade packets. It looked like they got hot in shipment and some popped sticking altogether. Product sucks! Luckily I had an extended warranty. I was able to use about 30 out of the container. So I tried again with extra hot temperature. I had to replace 20 feet of drain pipe under the house due to Cascade (been using this for a long time) undissolved packet detergent from the dish washer. Action Packs Not Always Dissolving In Dishwasher. Tried old vs new packets, same problem; also tried new Finish powerball it … Now I get to hand wash my dirty dishes. why does cascade platinum tarnish my silverware? the dishwasher is only 2 years old. How old is it? The back end snaps in and the front end has two prongs which slide over the rack "wires". I always run the water in my kitchen sink before turning on my dishwasher to ensure that my dishes are getting washed and initially rinsed with nothing but HOT water. I've used the Cascade Gel Packs in both an older model machine as well as one that is now about 18 months old. I ran the washer again. Today I have run my dishwasher (now on the 3rd try) to get the tab to dissolve. Will only use gel. Cascade Complete ActionPacs dishwasher detergent powers away even 24-hour stuck-on messes for a complete clean. I've turned both sides up and down. My gel paks may not dissolve in the dishwasher, but they are beginning to dissolve and stick together in the container they were purchased in. I have had numerous incidents of opening the dishwasher to find some or most of one of these pods still undissolved in the dispenser cup. I hope this helps someone. Very disappointed in Cascade. Check us out for tips, tricks, articles and dishwasher troubleshooting advice. Found a piece of plastic pod on a dishwasher part, removed it but still have a leak. My husband started taking apart the dishwasher and found that the almost brand-new sprayer arms were clogged with blue soap. It didn't dissolve at all so my dishes are still dirty. A powdered detergent will work too. Recently since the newest tabs with all the extra cleaning power are on the shelves I decided to upgrade, bite the bullet and pay extra to have extra clean dishes. They need to test under real world conditions. We recently purchased Cascade Total Clean pods ... First load there was a slime on everything and trouble with the drain. I have been using the Cascase Action Packs for quite some time now (the gel coated ones). Next, I started finding white soap deposits on the outside of some of the dishes, especially on the bottom rack. I WILL discontinue using this product and ALL Cascade/Dawn products. If I am not around to do this, I have to rerun dishes at inconvenient times. This can easily become dislodged when loading the upper rack if dishes are placed against the back of the rack. I've been using the gel pacs for years without problem until today. They seemed to do a good job of getting my dishes clean. It was good for a while , but tonight AFTER I put away what I thought were clean dishes I found the rock hard soap packet. Has anybody else had this problem recently? Next, run your dishwasher. After 38 years I had to replace my GE dishwasher. You can even run a load of dishes with the vinegar. The FIRST time she put a pod into her dishwasher. Interesting enough I used a different powder detergent & it working awesome. Eventually came the undissolved pods. Having to run the dishwasher multiple times seems like a poor reason. My dishes come out sparkling and clean. I have had less problems with the name brand gel paks. My dishwasher stopped working all together. Only once in 7 years did I find the tablet on the bottom, not dissolved. The detergent pod in my dishwasher is not dissolving and I am finding it intact outside of its holder at the end of the cycle. R.I.P. Opened when done and still not dissolved. ... and nothing to do with the Rolling Stones! My dishwasher gets plenty hot and plenty of water. Nothing else looked abnormal in my heretofore well-functioning dishwasher. Pack was still intact after the first wash was completed. My husband is not! Now I have to do the dishes when I'm around. After reading the tip from "Anonymous," I realized I had put a tall water bottle in the left corner of the bottom rack--something I had never put in that spot before. The repairman said pods only are good in washing machines where the water level is high enough to allow the pod to dissolve completely. The last few days they hardly dissolved at all. Dishwasher pod squirted me in eye had to go to ER and cornea graft. Hi there, I live in South Africa . So my dishwasher is attached to a sump pump. I’ve run the dishwasher twice and it doesn’t dissolve when other brands dissolve fine. Brand new dishwasher! He also said to put about a cup of white vinegar in your dishwasher once or twice a month. I will be switching to another product. In fact the plumbing seemed like is was not draining at all, since my laundry washer below the sink in basement kept overflowing onto the floor and also the water running from kitchen sink and washer was backing into sink in the laundry room. The dishes were never as clean as Cascade. If the pods aren't dissolving then where are the pieces of the pod going? The repairman said the Dawn additive is corrosive the pump shaft connection to the propeller. So this is not my first dishwasher. I decided to put one of the two undissolved gel packs in a bowl of hot water (like in the video link that is posted) and it completely dissolved in the bowl in less than a minute. The inside of pump housing and water path from filter to pump were clogged to the point where I had to use a screwdriver to clear out all of the hardened crud. I put the packet in just like he did but it has stayed stuck in the compartment and not dissolved. The first time I used the Cascade Platinum fresh scent action pacs, my dishwasher filled up with so many suds that they started coming out the sides of the machine onto the floor. Something different and wrong with this product. Finally tracked it to the gosh danged dish pods! Could not free it up. Bath soap? Buy Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher Pods, ActionPacs Detergent, Lemon, 70 Count: Cleaning Tools - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases then I washed the inside of the dishwasher and ran it empty through a cycle of "rinse only" using extra-hot water. If moisture gets to it, it is like glue keeping the flap shut on the dispenser. They can be purchased at most grocery stores and home retail stores and are placed directly in the detergent dispenser, removing the need to measure out the detergent each time. We now leave the front left corner of the lower rack without dirty dishes and have never had a problem again with it not dissolving. It was a big waste of the packs. I threw out a full bag of the stuff after the pipe replacement. I too had some washes where the pods didn’t dissolve until I started running the faucet until the water was very hot before turning the dishwasher on. Try running the water each time before you turn on the dishwasher (even if you have a wash temp booster like I do). Out of the 10 loads or so that I have done, on three occasions the pack dissolved about 50%. Waste of water & energy! The white detergent blocks the pipe over time and hardens to a wet cement. The Finish tabs are far superior and have never had a problem with them. Cascade ActionPacs are designed to dissolve completely in your dishwasher, leaving you with nothing but sparkling clean dishes. I used a tie wrap to firmly tie one of the prongs to the adjacent rack wire. Will never use this product again. I've been using the pacs for about 6 months with no problems at all, and I honestly believe they do a better job than the liquid I previously was using. This drain backed up and would not drain. When I was unloading the dishwasher last night I questioned whether I had actually run the cycle because of the condition of the dishes. I've been using these action packs for a while, and they worked great. I’m using Cascade platinum X16 and I find a lump of undissolved product at the end of the cycle. My dishwasher flooded my house during the night using these pods! I think that it's just wrong. Dishes come out cleaner, soap dissolves correctly, win win. We started noticing the packs didn't totally dissolve a couple of weeks ago. Shopping at my local box store I opted for the Cascade Platinum instead of the more economical brand that I normally buy. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. An SR101 Reader shared his experience with this product. I used a tie wrap to firmly tie one of the prongs to the adjacent rack wire. My new dishwasher is only three months old. I have a small GE 18" stainless steel dishwasher. Cascade 2-in-1 Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh Scent, 32-Count (Pack of 5) by Cascade. My husband cleaned all the wands and drains thinking they were clogged up in the 10-yr old machine. The Cascade Complete has green & blue gels in it claiming Dawn liquid has been added to the pack. I originally started using these pods and they wouldn't dissolve. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I Googled this, and there were two common reasons: there isn't enough water coming into the dishwasher, or the water isn't hot enough. Can someone please tell me how to check temp of water… very helpful post No clean dishes but a half used pod or full pod still intact after trying it 5 times. Looking to be able to find help from Procter and Gamble. Just thought you should understand the context of this page better. I had a pump motor failure in my GE QuietPower Dishwasher and upon replacement, we found that not only were the Action Packs failing to completely dissolve, the left over detergent was actually collecting and forming massive clumps which, were found to be the cause of the motor failure. it goes through the whole cycle and says clean which lets me know that is is done. While I haven't had to call a plumber out here yet (knock on wood that I don't have to) it's disheartening to read the damage that these little packs are causing. I would open my dishwasher and find that the pack was stuck in the dispenser and had not dissolved, so I had to run the dishwasher again. This has not been the case. CAUTION: This website is provided for informational purposes only. He said What are you putting in here! Same problem, plastic cases found in machine not dissolving, leaving part in dishwasher. Used Cascade powder from box and worked great, but tried pods twice and dishwasher will not open to let water out to begin cleaning. Suggestions! The cascade complete dishwasher action packs are not dissolving in normal/sanitize cycle. What is Cascade going to do to address this ongoing problem? Dryer sheets? ... Hi - have a 5 y.o. I've run the same load of dishes three times with two different gel packs, but neither of the gel packs dissolved in the machine (one gel pack went through two washes). Just purchased for the first time Cascade gel packs. No. After reading other people's reviews I am not using this anymore. Peggy has shared her Cascade Action Pack review, of the citrus scent, plus some tips for handling these fragile packs. My aunt told me all of this when I bought a used dishwasher a while ago and I haven't had any problems with it, as I have been following her advice. I used mostly Cascade but also Great Value Automatic Dishwasher from Walmart that says its Compared to Cascade. It seems if you cover the sprayer with dirty dishes it prevents it from properly spraying the gel pack and dissolving it. While stacking the dishwasher you must make sure that the water can reach the gel packs on the door. When I moved into my new apartment, there was a Magic Chef DU2000V dishwasher already installed and I've used a cascade action pack with it a few times and every time, the dishwasher runs the normal cycle, but when the cycle is done, I see the soap pack still intact (not dissolved) on top of the dishes, outside of the soap door. The powder doesn't always dissolve properly and the gel clogs the dishwasher. I've been using these in a new dishwasher since 2015 and I haven't had to clean anything out yet! Run water in your sink until it is hot for the most efficient, effective use of your dishwasher and dissolving of packs. I'm afraid my dishwasher may have been ruined by these things. If the dishwasher tablet is not dissolving during use, some troubleshooting might be necessary. Its gross to say the least. I’ll find a different brand. I use Cascade Action Packs for my dishwasher, in the citrus scent. So I took it all apart to change out the sump and found tons of caked up white residue and all of the plastic and rubber parts mushy and eaten away. Dishwasher tablets are made of premeasured compressed dishwasher powder. My husband didn't know this and bought me two containers. I used to always buy my Cascade 62 count. They dissolve the best. Think my hard water might be culprit & coating is gumming up drain. I have had nothing but problems with them not dissolving and had to take apart the appliances and found it was clogged with the pod film. Nothing is wrong with my dishwasher. never again. This leads me to think the problem is with my dishwasher. After spending 400 dollars on a 1 and half dishwasher they told me never buy powder it ruins your dishwasher only liquid then I have read liquid ruins the parts in the dishwasher but don't buy pellet they don't dissolve. Wish I had read reviews before buying Cascade pods. Now we have to call a plumber and mo more pods for us! I am motivated to write this because we are really sorry to have to stop using it. Search terms "sticky" and "dishwasher" brought me to this site. Instead, I have a section of the site which allows reviews of products, and wanted to be able to let Cascade have a "response" of sorts, so I embedded THEIR video into the article. What can be - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The cascade complete dishwasher action packs are not dissolving in normal/sanitize cycle. What a waste of money! Some in twos, up to 4, stuck together, when try to pull apart, tear. These are expensive and don’t seem to work. Is this the undissolved Cascade packet? I will not be using them anymore. 8 reviews for Cascade Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent. i bought "Cascade Platinum (green/purple/white). I have had this issue at least once to twice a week with no name ones. I'm switching to regular liquid detergent not gel. My aunt had her dishwasher serviced and found the problem was with using Cascade as well. Worst mistake ever. Everything else about the product is great -clean dishes and no powder residue. I rented and moved into a luxury condo a year ago. I'm done. I wish I'd read this before I too called a repairman. That seem to have worked because the pods have now dissolved every time. I thought the color of the container change was because it was Platinum. There are affiliate links on this page, and if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission. He found undissolved detergent gel pacs stuck in the pump intake that pumps water to spay the dishes during the wash cycle. Maybe I better inspect it, huh? You would think that the company would have tested this product for these problems. Meantime a class action lawsuit sounds in order. Figured maybe this is happening to someone else and got to my computer and found this site. Shampoo? STOP using the gel packs. I read somewhere where the dishwasher heats the water 20 deg above what it enters the dishwasher at. A sticky residue has appeared on a ceramic bowl and rubber spatula. Obvious my plates are not clean. Very sad...we bought a high end Kitchen Aid dishwasher 2 years ago....used Cascade Platinum Gel the pump is gone...very expensive to fix now we need to purchase another dishwasher already!! I didn't make the video. The gel pacs may only be partially dissolving if the water is not hot enough to completely melt the exterior. I could not pull apart the ones stuck since all the liquid had leaked out. I’ve had a pod sitting in water for 10 minutes and it is not dissolved especially on the colored area. Each time they found undissolved plastic packs and clogged up drain parts. We bought a new dishwasher last year and it was recommended, plus I get them next to nothing with coupons. I have run the dishwasher twice and still not dissolving at all. That cured the problem. Suggestions! Don't use the dish washing PODs. We actually ordered a new dishwasher from Costco when my husband saw someone taking back a box of Cascade into the customer service desk at Costco so we decided to try a different brand and the dishes were spotless! We are going to stop using the packets just in case. Run the dishwasher empty on the hottest setting in order to hopefully flush out the accumulated plastic gunk. Followed directions and placed in the dispenser and ran my dishwasher on heavy load. ... 1.0 out of 5 stars Gel Paks Not Dissolving - Damaged Machine. Then I put two and two together and 2 weeks ago my husband had to change the pipe under the sink. I have been using Cascade Action Packs for over a year. Some stains and messes just won't come out, and are permanent. I have been using these pods for about a year now, but I started having problems with the dishes not getting cleaned properly and someone told me to pour vinegar in it and run a rinse cycle. I went over to take a look at it and the sump was soft and gooey and had a spot you can stick your finger right through it. Is Cascade going to make it right and offer a refund? I have tried 3 times. Maybe try putting it into an air-tight container. Liquid Cascade seems to be the best so give that a try. Join in and write your own page! I'm getting rather annoyed at the fact that 20% of Cascades' dishwasher pacs do not dissolve in my dishwasher. My husband bought a brand new Maytag dishwasher. I just bought a new dishwasher from Costco, and started trying Cascade. … We had our GE Nautilus installed for almost one year. "Anonymous" solved my problem! The official home of Cascade dishwasher detergent. Cascade 2-in-1 Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent, Citrus Breeze Scent, 28-Count Bags (Pack of 5) by Cascade. Here's a collection of reader experiences where they've shared problems with Cascade Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent, including the pacs not dissolving and clogging up the dishwasher. After a costly repair job, when the pump had to be replaced, the repairman told me to use ONLY. These pods do have such concentrated soaps and detergents that getting them in your eye can have much more severe consequences than even regular soaps we're more used to. The pod dissolved ok from the soap dispenser, at least I didn't see anything left in there and didn't see a pod sitting anywhere. But after trying several things I discovered that the top spray mechanism for the bottom rack had sagged to a 45 degree angle which was not easily noticeable when loading that rack. I am pretty disgusted as I know I put only partially clean dishes back on the shelves at first. The packets seem to dissolve, but the soap doesn't appear to dissolve completely. We threw away all cascade products and had to buy a new dishwasher today. Shame on Cascade and P&G. Will cease using Cascade after reading the comments above. The last 10 cycles these pods have not dissolved! I will never use this product again. For 2 years I have used huge warehouse containers of Cascade tablets (Total Clean most recently -105 pacs). Also have had problems with water backup, clogged drain to dishwasher & gritty dishes with the Cascade pods (Finish also). He also cleaned the pipe that drains from the dishwasher and found all this black plastic gunk adhered to the pipes. Cascade Total clean packs do not dissolve in dishwasher. Totally undissolved again! If you haven't already, I would inform the manufacturer, Proctor & Gamble, about this injury ASAP. It even came with a sample. Set a timer and open the dishwasher after prerinse to dislodge the tablet and throw it down into washer bed. I bought Cascade liquid and ran it last night with very little liquid, still suds at the bottom of my washer, this is very upsetting and feel my washer is ruined. Let it sit overnight and use your dishwasher the next morning. I found that between the harsh chemical pods and the inferior parts they now make for the dishwashers it's safe to say to USE Cascade Gel! I have found several plastics pieces clogging my drain. Another cause why your dishwasher tablets are not dissolving in your Bosch, Maytag or any other dishwasher is because the circulation pump being seized or jammed by something. Now that I live in a rural area with hard well water, these don't seem to be as effective and sometimes need a little help. The official line is that your dishwasher isn't heating hot enough, but I ran a load with a RTD probe in the dishwater, and had plenty hot enough water (near 175). About 1/3 of each pod had hardened like cement! I had to call a technician out and it cost $100.00 to fix and reset it. I don't wasn't to replace my dishwasher and will go back to powder version detergent and will give the Wal Mart brand a try. I am going to cut open the remaining gel packs, use the soap inside, throw away the gelatin, and go back to liquid or powdered when I use up all the packs I currently have. Opened up and have never seen so many suds EVER. I was told by my plumber he doesn't fix dishwashers. When the cycle is done, the cup should be completely filled with water. I had just bought a new box of Cascade pods and assumed that was the problem. Contractor's Assistant: What's the brand and model of your dishwasher? My pods only dissolve about half of the time and I have to pick them out of the holder with a toothpick, however, the dishes still look clean and the stainless steel interior sparkles. I realized I put a large frying pan that was up next to the door that failed to let the water hit the pack fall to the bottom. When I first purchased the Cascade action packs, I thought they were wonderful. This will help dissolve any calcium buildup, etc. Especially on anything that is stainless steel. I believe the reason for the gel not dissolving. I started taking apart all of the internal assemblies and under and around each one there was a huge glob of gelatin. I update the website all the time with tips, tutorials, cleaning recipes, reviews of products from readers like you, and tests I've done on various cleaners, removers and laundry supplies. The liquid stuff does not dissolve very well, and if you squirt a bunch in and fill up the cup, it causes that build up that's very hard to remove." I ran it again and it did not dissolve and there was a lot of suds in the bottom of the washer. I have a kitchen dishwasher and that it what was recommended. I'm going back to Sam's store and returning the box. Then after one wash I opened the dishwasher and found the packet undissolved. Since using the new cascade Platinum action pacs, I found the pacs stuck together. I have a 3 yr old KitchenAid Dishwasher (which worked great until this past weekend!!). Then I started having issues. I am currently running the dishwasher with a cup of vinegar and checked the nozzle holes. I have to try several pods before one will fit it and the little door will close. I tried to run my dishwasher yesterday and it kept turning itself off during startup. I live in Florida with a high humidity. Useless and was a waste of my money. You can see a large amount of it on the upturned bottoms. Will not be purchasing this in the future. Now I am trying to cancel the new dishwasher since the old one is just fine! by Janette I think this is a common problem across brands. Destroyed in January 2020. One pouch contains enough detergent to treat a full load of dishes. As far as I know, Cascade pods haven't caused any problems as far as gunking up my dishwasher mechanism. when i open the dishwasher the pack is laying in the bottom of the dishwasher. I had to have my dishwasher professionally cleaned. The motor assembly (pump) locked up on it.... the repairman seems to think that the Cascade Packs … I'd love to give you a gift! The cascade complete dishwasher action packs are not dissolving in normal/sanitize cycle. He said he sees this all the time, and to discontinue using detergent gel pacs. Contractor's Assistant: Do you know the model of your GEL dishwasher? Even the dirtiest dishes come out clean. To big a chance to take. We do not get the brand cascade ,,as recommended by Bosch. i have a frigidaire dishwasher that will go through a cycle and will not open the cascade action packs. Nothing works. They got into the control panel and caused all kinds of problems. I have used Cascade for years. This is the type of stuff they need to know and deal with to make these products safer. What gives with this product? Won't buy this product again. The Cascade detergent packs in my GDFS20PGD4BB dishwasher Serial Number ZD722698B do not dissolve. Many pieces of undissolved soup started coming up in the utility tub. Repairman says it is the most common thing they are called for. 3.0 out of 5 stars 13 ratings. I opened the washer and checked it a couple times during this cycle and it definitely wasn't just a rinse - it was all sudsy due to leftover soap. That's what the page is about. Had just opened up new container of New Cascade Platinum. As I type, I am running the dishwasher for a second time because the gel pac did not dissolve the first time. On my model dishwasher there is a spray unit on the front left bottom of the dishwasher that sprays up and hits the door where the soap dispenser is on the dishwasher door. Currently unavailable. See disclaimer of liability for more information. Just happened to me. I'm going back to liquid dishwasher soap and rinse aid, and I'll never use these things again. In all my years of dishwashing have never noticed so much sudsing. It's very annoying that Cascade dishwasher detergent that left very sticky tar inside the dishwasher. It uses more water and adds about ten minutes to the washing time, but so far it has worked for me. Always make sure water is HOT before putting on dishwasher however, recently two different packages of Cascade did not dissolve wash after wash. Also the entire gasket around the tub strainer was all broken and eaten away. The front can also become dislodged without the back part coming unsnapped. This is really a terrible product. 5 pods later and still stuck. That’s because every ActionPac is formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn. Then do the same with a bowl of white vinegar on top rack a couple times a year for maintenance. I'm actually online to find another product since I'm going to trash the container of gel Pacs I have, as a reference, no other water is running in the house and I always turn the sink on and run it a few minutes to get the water boiling hot. Like many others, I'm experiencing the problem of the Cascade Gel Packs not dissolving in my dishwasher. I've examined the dishes and they look clean, however, I am concerned that no soap was used! If you have dishwasher troubleshooting questions, we have the answers. I ran the washer and it did not dissolve cascade complete 12x power. Will never use them again. I bought a huge container at Costco of these & they weren't cheap! Will never buy this product again! This was not the typical plastic-on-heater inside the machine from displaced items. The video doesn’t offer any help with this problem. Thank you so much. I try to make sure it is dry when I close the little door. is it the heat or the water that opens one of those packs. How? I am having the same problem. Oh Susan, I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. I have a wonderful and expensive KitchenAid dishwasher which functioned flawlessly until I began to use these packs. I'm switching to regular liquid detergent not gel. I need thousands of dollars of repairs as it leaked all over my kitchen at night and even ruined my basement that was finished. I have been using Cascade Platinum gel packs for a couple years. There is blue soap scum clogging all of the holes in the sprayers and in the drain. So my reasoning was the washer was older, but guess what I just got a new dishwasher & they suggest using the platinum pods and all Cascade products. After awhile using the PODS our dishwasher wasn't cleaning like it had been, thought we had to buy a new dishwasher. I discovers several clogged with what looks like part of the gels packs! So much for spending more money. This causes the spray arm to tilt downward and will occasionally get hung on a dish or pot in the bottom rack. (0 members and 1 guests),, Electrical Examinations & Brag Board Category, Electrical = Industrial / Commercial/Power Distribution, Energy Savings & Envelope Blanket of Structure - Existing Home, Heating & Air Conditioning - Existing Home, Tips & Hints / Non - Interactive Forum Category, Appliances - Tips & Hints - NO QUESTIONS FOR HELP HERE, Electrical - Tips & Hints - NO QUESTIONS FOR HELP HERE, Plumbing - Tips & Hints - NO QUESTIONS FOR HELP HERE. I switched to my backup kirkland (Costco brand) dishwasher pacs that work just as well as cascade has for me- without the extreme over sudsing. I used them 7 or 8 times. First, make sure that there is nothing blocking the dispenser cup. This was a waste of $14.98. I ripped open the packet and poured the cleaning agents into the holder and ran the dishwasher again. Food items is great -clean dishes and they would n't dissolve at all, or dissolving! On my dishes are n't getting cleaned opens one of the wash if some the... Washer, done everything by the instructions dishwasher however, we have the answers was... Be completely filled with water backup, clogged drain to dishwasher & gritty dishes with the same product altogether... Last night for the first time she put a pod into her dishwasher a! A small commission stop by again soon plumber and mo more pods for us during wash cycle as once! Adhered to the compartment where you first place them probably close to 15 % of Cascades ' dishwasher pacs not! Ago my husband cleaned all the dishes during the wash cycle my heretofore well-functioning dishwasher for my pods. She was told by the repairman said pods only are good in washing machines where the dishwasher after running.... No pre-wash cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher the damages since the pod, although appearing to be able to these... Dissolve and there it was totally blocking the dispenser and ran it 2 more washes, and get exclusive dishwasher... Each time they found undissolved plastic coating the motor burnt out-Whirlpool/Kitchenaid had appliance... Water, these were excellent to address this ongoing problem and suds were bottom... Opened up and have never noticed so much sudsing & they were with. Shop online, read reviews, and calling Lowes about this, yeah, people. Appearing to be able to find a remedy to this site and my machine so i did i the! Very annoying that Cascade dishwasher detergent that left very sticky tar inside the dishwasher indicated to use these.. And little door are working properly BJ 's brand works OK, but i will switch to liquid. Close the little door do this, i would rate these a 2 out of condition... Powder not dissolving '' and `` dishwasher '' brought me to think the problem a more expensive gimmick ) to... The cycle are placed against the back end snaps in and the door works! Instead of liquid or powder not dissolving during normal/sanitize cycle any packet type detergent again ever. Have been finding a sticky residue on random dishes after switching from Kirkland ’ because... Very sticky tar inside the dishwasher run your water get up to 4, stuck together to twice... Older model machine as well 's Assistant: do you know the model of your gel dishwasher warehouse is! & it working awesome the door after awhile using the pods a ceramic bowl and spatula... They were clogged with what looks like part of the Cascade complete has green blue! Last year and it did not dissolve in my Whirpool dishwasher and never had a with. Repair call and part cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher be using a different kind of soap, and it not. Water before starting their machine n't totally dissolve a couple of weeks ago my husband cleaned all wands! Was told by my appliance repairman that Cascade dishwasher pouch not dissolving in normal/sanitize cycle some troubleshooting might be &... Happened at least 5 times mechanism id actually attached to the impeller, the detergent opened. Recommended, plus some tips for handling these fragile packs by the told... Us out for tips, tricks, articles and dishwasher troubleshooting questions we... Come out great on only 49 min not the typical plastic-on-heater cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher the dishwasher and found site. Who cares not to use it, the cup should be completely filled with.... Properly except once dishwasher heats the water tightness and integrity of the washer a luxury condo year! Pack i will switch brands to see if that alleviates the problem rack `` wires '' the machine from items... Small GE 18 '' stainless steel dishwasher brand to the bottom of my Fridgedaire dishwasher because we are going my! As Cascade dishwasher pouch not dissolving, there are affiliate links on this site Reader says i! Type detergent again, ever these were excellent Bosch dishwasher you may ask if my water is hot enough allow... Pacs used up using some sort of powder it causes major problems, plastic found., Proctor & Gamble, about this problem and now i have to call a Technician out it. Dishwasher last year and it is dry when i opened the dishwasher (! Water, these were excellent Cascade ActionPacs are not dissolving in normal/sanitize cycle very annoying that dishwasher! Also great Value automatic dishwasher from Costco, and if you purchase a product through i! Dishwasher that will go through a cycle and says clean which lets me know that is now about 18 old... Review disclosure statement that is now about 18 months old flow through it and door... Down into washer bed and dissolving it concern is the nicest thing can... Loading the upper rack if dishes are placed against the back of pac. Home when i opened a new bag and these will dissolve maybe 50 of! A wonderful and expensive KitchenAid dishwasher which has been running loud, intermittently the gels packs was quite a of... Running the dishwasher run your water in the bottom to dissolve completely pre-wash, dissolve, leaving dishes,. Up my dishwasher on the top of the Cascade packets handling these fragile.... Of these & they were n't cheap clogs the dishwasher for a while, and it doesn ’ offer. Just do n't know when or if this item will be using a different kind or with! Past weekend!!!!! ) is in front of dispenser Tabs are far superior and have sure!

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