It is about each child achieving their personal best, whatever that may be. Abandoning the test is not feasible either. Then there’s the impact for some children of missing out on tricky bits of the curriculum, like algebra.”. The 12+/13+ exam is for pupils in Years 7 and 8 who may have narrowly missed out on a grammar school place due to their 11+ exam results. The GL 11+ exam cover English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning (spatial awareness). The entrance exam is taken by every child who applies to join the first year at age 11. That’s not just families on pupil premium. If your child doesn’t do as well as you expected, parents can submit an appeal to challenge the decision. Her relative then hands her the printed pages through the window. For further information and to register for the test visit The Grammar Schools in Birmingham website. You can also consider applying again for a later selection, at 12+ or 13+. This statement will be updated as and when necessary to respond to the changing circumstances of the pandemic. Initially, our 11+ tutors will provide an assessment of the child’s current levels before then going on to ensure a rich and rigorous foundation across all core skills before then preparing children towards the demands of the exam itself: building confidence and exam technique. It is not always necessary for you to live in an area with state grammar schools for your child to gain a place at one. Heckmondwike Grammar School Academy Trust … This information is particularly relevant to parents whose child or children sat the 11+ exam in September this year. Ilesh Kotecha, the founder and director of Eleven Plus Exams, a tutoring and resources centre that provides information and advice nationally, says it is very unlikely the 11-plus will be cancelled. Grammar schools should look to delay their entrance exams until as late as November, to allow children to catch up with missed learning due to Covid-19, Government guidance suggests. Most grammar schools, however, give preference to those living within their catchment areas. The test will take place on Saturday 12 September 2020. Ermysted's Grammar School has decided that testing will be held no earlier than mid October 2020. Talking to teachers in selective areas, none wants to have to pick out the “clever children” in their year 6 class, with the resulting bad feeling between themselves and local families. In the UK there are over 3000 state-funded secondary schools and out of these currently 164 are state-funded grammar schools, with approximately 167,000 pupils. Ripon Grammar School doesn't appear to have changed its dates at this time. “Printers,” says Catania. Please note if you have not completed the online application form or you have not followed the procedure regarding ‘confirmation emails’ by 12.00 noon on 26th June 2020, a later test will not be initiated until after 1st March 2021. A few grammar schools recruit from outside their catchment while others offer boarding facilities. Ability, self-belief, confidence, enjoyment … all begin to take root and grow. Heckmondwike Grammar School is a state selective grammar school providing a free education appropriate to the needs of pupils in the top 25% of the ability range. Entrance Examination. Anita Cranmer, Buckinghamshire council’s cabinet member for education, says: “We recognise the impact the [coronavirus] disruption will have on children due to sit the secondary transfer test.” The council is liaising with the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools Group (TBGS), which owns and manages the test for Buckinghamshire, and with the test supplier, GL Assessment, “to find a solution … and we are also in ongoing discussions with the Department for Education”. Schools in Devon, Essex, Hertfordshire, Trafford and Yorkshire use a mixture of GL and CEM. State school children don’t get this online service, because often their schools struggle for a budget just for the basics. It may involve sitting two or even three eleven plus examinations. Grammar School students prepare for the UK’s internationally recognized GCE exams and are awarded the School Diploma Certificate recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and most universities in Europe and the United States of America. Teachers To Your Home provides specialist 11+ Examination tutors who have considerable experience in preparing children for entry into grammar schools. If so focus on School Entrance Tests’ 11 plus practice tests of CEM 11 Plus type . “Even the brightest children need familiarisation with parts of the test, particularly verbal and non-verbal reasoning.”. But Hughes is sceptical: “If the schools go back before September, keep it the same. In this time of crisis, exams are off: GCSEs, A-levels, Sats. Independent Schools select their pupils using their own bespoke Year 7 School Entrance Exam ... which takes place in January of Year 6 and which has some similarities to the 11+ grammar school exam. ... Then, Grammar Schools Guide, London 11 plus practice tests, 11Plus GL Guide. A small number of grammar schools also have an intake into Year 8 or Year 9 and test pupils with an equivalent 12+ or 13+ Exam. There is some variability so please check the date with your individual schools. This article provides a guide for parents of current Year 5 children looking to prepare them for the 11+ Exam in September 2021 to enter their child into Year 7 at a grammar school in September 2022. In a normal year, Aim offers three hours’ free tutoring a week, additional activities, and runs a mock exam at a local test site in the spring. Sutton Grammar School 11 Plus Exam Information Address: Sutton Grammar School, Manor Lane, Sutton, Surrey, SM1-4AS Sutton Grammar Website: Admissions Contact: Telephone: 020 8642 3821 Email address: … Covid-19 statement for the entrance exam for entry September 2021. Many have no internet or phone either. The exam usually takes place early in September of the school year prior to entry. All except one … the 11-plus, a test that was phased out in most parts of the country decades ago, but that means everything to families in areas still operating a system of grammars and de facto secondary moderns. Each test paper is divided into smaller individual sections that test verbal ability (reading & comprehension and literacy skills), non-verbal ability and mathematics. Dr Challoner’s High School. These schools initially were established to teach Latin grammar, the language of academia, thus the origins of the name. These schools select their pupils into Year 7 by means of an academic examination called the 11+ or “11 plus”. The Grammar School proudly announces that it is now recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2014-2015. There are a number of regulations that students must be … If your son is at an Independent Preparatory School they will decide which method of entry is best. According to the Sutton Trust Report (2008), grammar school pupils make greater progress throughout Key Stage 3 and 4 and achieve better GCSEs and A levels compared to pupils from other types of school. Our entrance exam for Nursery to Year 10 entry takes place at the end of January for admission the following September. Another perceived advantage of attending a grammar school is that of social mobility. The content varies between different areas of the country but will generally be based on some or all of the following types of questions: English, maths, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning. Most children benefit from several months of support; often regular weekly tuition, building rigour and polish across core skills, being fully stretched and challenged academically and then shaping their performance towards the demands of the exam. The 11+ Exam (or “11-plus”) is a selective entrance exam generally taken at the beginning Year 6, generally in September. Grammar school places. GRAMMAR SCHOOL LIMASSOL. A quick scan of grammar school websites around the country shows that, so far, it is business as usual. n this time of crisis, exams are off: GCSEs, A-levels, Sats. The Company Registration number is 1521751 and the Charity Registration number is 510809. The information about the grammar school allocations for 2020 has been released. We admit up to 180 students each year, based on their performance in our entrance examination, which is held each September. March 2022: School allocations are confirmed on 01 March 2022. Some parents will choose to prepare their child using resources available, such as the series of Bond 11+ books or GL and CEM past papers; other parents will choose to send their child to 11+ group tuition with classes outside of school hours; other parents may choose to enlist the services of a professional tutor or teacher, who specialises in preparing children for the 11+ exam. The test is provided by CEM and is made up of two papers, each approximately 50 minutes long. Last updated: 05/10/2020. Registration for this Entrance Examination 2020 is 'LIVE': All except one … the 11-plus, a test that was phased out in most parts of the country decades ago, but that means everything to families in areas still operating a system of grammars and de facto secondary moderns. 10% off … September 2020: Ideally, you will have decided which grammar schools you are considering. The Grammar Schools Entrance Test. “Lots of children haven’t got space to sit quietly. The handbook (available below) has been put together to ensure students and their parents/carers have access to all of the information they need regarding the external examinations in Summer 2020. In both GL and CEM exams, there is a strong emphasis on core skills in English and maths; including spelling, punctuation, grammar, comprehension and vocabulary; including arithmetic skills, problem-solving and manipulation of data. Sometimes the tests will be of a different kind, e.g. BRGS is a designated grammar school primarily for children who attend primary schools in Bacup, Rawtenstall and the surrounding areas. Above all, 11+ tuition should be a very positive and enjoyable experience, for both the child and the teacher. Circumstances Form and any supporting documentation must then be sent to the school by. Not all selective grammar schools have ‘grammar’ in their name eg. Grammar schools are selective state-funded secondary schools that have a strong focus on academic achievement. September 2022: New intake begins Year 7 at each of the 164 grammar schools. “I have to hold my phone by my relative’s window so the bluetooth from my phone connects to the printer,” she says. Please note if you have not completed the online application form or you have not followed up the procedure regarding ‘confirmation emails’ by 12 noon on the 26 th June 2020 a later test will not be initiated until after 1 st March 2021. The best time to start preparing your child for the 11+ depends entirely on their current attainment levels and experience. What are the options? The only other option is postponement, possibly until January. It sounds complicated, but Hughes considers herself lucky: “If I didn’t have that, the whole thing would be a nightmare.”, But the obstacles go well beyond tech, says Catania. Info & News. AGSB are now hoping to post our examination results around mid-November 2020. Following a nomination by Microsoft, The Grammar School proudly announces that it is now recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2014-2015. (2) CEM developed by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University administer the 11+ exams for Cumbria, Dorset, Lancashire, Medway, Northern Ireland and Wiltshire. The exam is held at the school in the January before the child’s year of entry. The Grammar School Limassol announces for all classes for the academic year 2020 -2021 will be on Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 9:00 am. April 2021: Most grammar schools will open their registration in April or May and set a deadline around June or July for parents to register their child for the 11+ exam. Even so, around this time, we would be alerting parents to the fact that the test was coming up and would be there to answer any of their questions.” Instead, she and her colleagues are “trying to get in touch with vulnerable families, and keep some sort of education going”. Applications for this year’s 11+, which takes place on Wednesday 13th January 2021, are now closed. Entrance Exams for Class 1 - Academic Year 2020-2021 News & Announcements. Early indications are that selective schools and areas are searching for a face-saving solution, perhaps tweaking their admissions to allow in more children from lower-income families. October 2021: For most grammar schools, 11+ results will be posted in mid-October 2021. Parents are out working, or they can’t help. Monday 19 th October 2020 : ENTRANCE EXAM DAY : If your child is ill on the day please do not bring your child to the test. All pupils seeking entry into Year 7 must sit the school’s entrance examination. 13 past papers entrance exam papers for private schools ... * * * CONTENT UPDATED OCTOBER 2020 * * * You can find English past papers and Maths past papers 7+ 8+ 9+. With many years of experience in teaching children on a one-to-one basis, we know that children often make remarkable progress in only a few weeks. The Entrance Examination has been re-scheduled to take place on : FRIDAY, 16th OCTOBER 2020. Maria Hughes (not her real name), a single parent on universal credit, is preparing her year 5 daughter, with the help of Aim, for the Kent test. Key Dates and Resource Recommendations! The entrance test for 2021 entry will be held on Saturday 12 September 2020. She counts herself lucky because she has “a dining room table, a school laptop which I share with my two children, and an elderly relative locally who has a printer. If parents are not able to print what might be up to 40 sheets of paper, Aim will deliver them by hand. 164 grammar schools are located in 36 English local authorities. And, as one parent, Maria Hughes, says, “Assessment would be very difficult when you compare children from private prep versus primary schools.”. Heads say the Covid-19 lockdown means this year’s 11-plus cannot be fair, as many poorer children are unable to revise online, Last modified on Wed 1 Jul 2020 17.37 BST. There is some variability so please check these dates with your individual schools. You are advised to wait for the entrance test results before applying for school places. ... grammar school exams still going ahead. “It’s striking the number of people who haven’t got printers or who can’t afford a printer cartridge. Applications to sit the Grammar School entrance test for entry to Year 7 in September 2021 must be submitted by 4pm on Friday 26 June 2020. Recent surveys from Teacher Tapp, Public First and the Sutton Trust confirm that while children at independent schools are receiving significantly more online lessons, only 33% of those from low-income homes spend more than four hours a day learning at home. a non-verbal reasoning and a verbal reasoning test and in other cases the tests will be the same e.g. ... A Guide for Parents 2020 Independent Schools Entrance Exams: A Guide for Parents 2021. Non-verbal reasoning assess spatial awareness, pattern-spotting and logical skills. Most parents request 11+ tuition from Year 4 or 5. With UK schools shut and many low-income children having no access to a computer, the decision to continue with the 11-plus looks ill judged. Grammar schools decide independently which subjects to test in the 11+ papers. If you are interested in a year 7 place for September 2021 at one of the selective schools in the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE), you need to register your child to sit the 11+ test by the given deadline.. Visit the CSSE website for more about the 11+ examination and read CSSE's supplementary information form.. “During this lockdown if a child is not getting practice at home, then they will not be as mentally agile when it comes to the actual exam as those who are kept on their toes and close to their peak performance.’, But even families getting tutoring for free face additional problems. Independent School Entrance Exams: A Guide for Parents 2021. Your son or daughter may only need a few weeks or months of preparation as the 11+ exam approaches, with a focus on practising exam papers, developing the exam technique and confidence. (The verbal reasoning exam includes many of the skills tested in the GL English exam; the numerical reasoning exam includes many of the skills tested in the GL maths exam.). It is hard to see how the government, or grammar schools themselves, can ignore the glaring unfairness of this year’s exam. Online applications will be acknowledged by North Halifax Grammar School. Home Schooling: A Guide for Parents 2020 Instead, he says, headteachers are being tentatively told to prepare to reopen their schools between four and eight weeks from now. Academic Year 2020-21 Welcome Back Stay Safe. Meanwhile, Kotecha says children who attend state schools will be disadvantaged unless their parents can provide teaching and practice during the lockdown. Kathryn Evans, an assistant head and year 6 teacher in Maidstone, Kent, points to an early feature of the lockdown in grammar-school areas. Tracy Thomas, headteacher of Marden primary school in Kent, the largest remaining grammar-school area in the country, says: “I fear that the gap this year [in terms of 11-plus admissions] will be greater than ever.”. Unlike every other public exam, the 11-plus cannot easily be replaced by assessment. Entry at Year 9 (13+) can be via the Independent Schools Common Entrance Examination, held in June each year, or via our own entry procedure which is detailed below. A number of grammar schools and particularly independent schools around the country publish “sample papers” that are helpful in seeing the standard required for the 11+, and in some cases they provide valuable free practice material. 31 October 2020: Preference form deadline: You must have applied for school places via your local authority by this date. There are two main exam boards for the 11+ Exam: (1) GL Assessment (previously known as NFER) administer the 11+ exams for the majority of grammar schools in Berkshire, Bexley, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire, Devon, Gloucestershire, Kent, Shropshire, Walsall, Warwickshire, Wirral, Wolverhampton. A doctor’s note with the Special. Skipton Girls’ High School have published the statement that all four grammar schools in the consortium will delay the entrance exam to Saturday October 17 2020. This year they are sending the mock test via computer. As grammar school pupils are all academically selected and of similar high ability, teachers are arguably able to stretch and challenge their pupils further, making more effective progress in lessons as compared to a comprehensive, mixed-ability school. Independent Schools Entrance Exams: A Guide for Parents 2021, For further information: Free Sample 11+ Exam Papers and Answers. The earliest schools connected to monasteries were called scolae grammaticales. This information is for prospective parents/carers of girls currently in Year 5 and looking to sit the Entrance Examination in September 2020 for Year 7 entry in September 2021. Postal applications will require a stamped addressed envelope for acknowledgement: Tuesday June 23rd 2020: The Crossley Heath School Open Evening 5.00pm to 8.00pm: Thursday June 25th 2020: The North Halifax Grammar School Open Evening 5.00pm to 8.00pm: Tuesday September 1st 2020 Each school can choose any combination of these to best fit their selection criteria. The 12 Plus/13 Plus allows a child more time to prepare (up to 18 months) for the late transfer test. Read more. The decision to go ahead looks increasingly ill-judged as the lockdown extends, particularly given the well-established statistics on the low numbers of disadvantaged children accessing grammar schools in a normal year, and emerging evidence of the rapid widening of the educational gap as a result of coronavirus. If they don’t go back until September, then defer until the new year. Candidate Exam Handbook. But my daughter just wants it over and done with.”, Grammar schools offer ‘pitifully few’ places to poorer children, Grammar school expansion still locking out the poor. Learn How to Prepare for the 11 Plus (11+) Entrance Exam at Grammar Schools in Kent for Year 7 Entry. Grammar schools are some of the highest performing schools listed in national league tables. Leicester Grammar School forms part of the Leicester Grammar School Trust, a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity in England and Wales. (Most schools will be organising virtual tours and virtual open days over the coming year.). Sale Grammar school entrance exam pattern is … He says independent prep schools are “teaching a full timetable, expecting the child to begin online at 8.30 or 9am at the latest and work until 3.30pm to justify the fees. Terms and Conditions for Families and Clients | Terms and Conditions for Teachers, Facts About Home Schooling in the UK: Teachers To Your Home. However, those parents who are looking for their child to sit the 11+ exam in 2020 may also wish to take note as the entry requirements follow certain trends. The entrance exam will take place on Monday 19 th October 2020 and the closing date for online applications was 12.00 noon on Friday 26 th June 2020. Entrance Exams Lessons. September 2021: For most grammar schools the 11+ exam will take place during the first two weeks in September 2021. 12 noon on Thursday 22 nd October in order to be offered the alternative date. She says the crisis will have a “massive impact”. Independent Schools select their pupils using their own bespoke Year 7 School Entrance Exam (sometimes referred to as the 11+), which takes place in January of Year 6 and which has some similarities to the 11+ grammar school exam. The entire world may have stopped in its tracks but, in early September, after possibly months out of school, thousands of 10-year-olds look set to sit this series of tests to determine their secondary-school future. It is a good idea to visit each school with your child, to get a better feel and to see if it the right environment for them. All entrants will sit the test, at the same time, in as near to exam conditions as they can. As a grammar school, our entire intake is selected on the basis of high academic ability. The Exam will be held on 19th October 2020. Selective areas are structured around the creation of a rigid divide at 11. The CEM 11+ exam covers verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning. Sample 11 Plus Papers. Also many schools with ‘grammar’ in their name are actually fee-paying independent schools eg. All of our 11+ tutors are qualified and experienced teachers; a significant number working as teachers within the Primary, Prep and Grammar School Sectors and who have thorough knowledge and experience of the 11+ process. Buckinghamshire automatically enters all primary children for the 11+ exam and operates an opt-out system for parents who must actively choose to withdraw their child from the process. Entrance exam and assessment. 4) Otherwise, it’s likely you are considering Grammars using GL Assessment . A recent study conducted by the University of Bath, Bristol and the Institute of Education at the University of London concluded that pupils who attend a grammar school end up earning more than those who attend comprehensive schools. Zoe Catania is a co-founder of Aim, a small charity that helps prepare children from low-income homes for the Kent test. Online Application Form. Should you have any … Last modified on Tue 14 Jul 2020 11.17 EDT. It goes far beyond that.”. The Entrance test consists of two tests, each approximately one hour in length. In recent years, the government has made cash for grammar school expansion contingent on increasing the numbers of disadvantaged pupils, though this has, in effect, been minimal. Students with entries in the Summer 2020 series of exams will also receive a printed copy of this handbook. 'The gap will be bigger than ever': grammar school exams still going ahead Heads say the Covid-19 lockdown means this year’s 11-plus cannot be fair, as … “State primary schools are not allowed to prepare children for the test. ... 2020 Entrance Exam - Letter to Parents . What is the exam pattern used by Sale Grammar School? Applications to sit the Sale Grammar Entrance Tests opened at 12.00 noon on Monday 18th May and closed at 12.00 noon on Friday 26th June 2020. HIGH SCHOOL NEWS; JUNIOR NEWS; YEARBOOK; HIGH SCHOOL NEWS. 3) Are the grammar schools of interest CEM 11+ exam Grammar schools. Picture posed by models. Grammar schools can be co-educational or single sex; although most single sex grammar schools now accept both boys and girls in the sixth form. Grammar schools do not charge fees and competition for places is generally very high. Bradford Grammar School. two verbal reasoning tests. Any support or tuition focused on preparing for the 11+ exam also brings a significant and broader benefit to your child’s, in terms of their general schoolwork and confidence.

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