(, Mayuri ha 17 anni – due meno di me – perciò è più una sorella minore che una tipica amica d'infanzia. Ero ancora un bambino, e il cemento era gelido, il freddo penetrava nelle ossa. This is also a reference to the "real world" John Titor, who claims that his time machine is called the C204. Fictional anime series. Dopotutto, io sono un insano scienziato pazzo ricercato da un capo all'altro del mondo. However, there were pagers. Mayushii sta per morire, Amane è una ragazza del futuro e per di più è mia figlia... be', Okarin, se ti sei inventato tutto allora sei pronto per scrivere delle light novel. However, Itaru convinced Rintarou to use only one for this experiment. A scrivere una relazione in un istituto di ricerche americano, a fare esperimenti lavorando giorno e notte per verificare delle teorie... può anche darsi che ti stia ancora preoccupando per la faccenda di tuo padre. which turned out to be a pleasant experience. (Okarin), Il futuro, nessuno è in grado di conoscerlo: e quindi, proprio come dimostra il nostro incontro, offre infinite possibilità. Okabe only succeeds in undoing this in the next episode when he sends the D-mail from FB's phone since he is the only person Moeka would have trusted. If you can't remember your password or are having trouble logging in, you will have to reset your password.If you have trouble resetting your password (for example, if you lost access to the original email address), please do not start posting with a new account, as this is against the forum rules. Steins;Gate Memes r/ SteinsGateMemes. Activates after sending a D-mail, but only if the D-mail affects the past. The genre I am looking for are :- Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, Super powers, Mystery, Shonen, Sports etc. In the dubbed version, Mr. Braun speaks this phrase as he steps out of the delivery truck. Daru looks up to her as the only 3D woman with a 2D soul. Buy Steinsgate Elite Ps4 Compare Prices. See http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%81%AC%E3%82%8B%E3%81%BD. Mi sono preso cura di lei sin da quando posso ricordare. The message was: "Eat vegetables for a healthy child" because Luka believed that if a pregnant woman ate a lot of vegetables, she would have a girl, and if meat - a boy. L'ho fatto. In the anime, JOHN_TITOR and Hououin Kyouma "age" the threads while KuriGohan "sages" them. The SERN's database, where the first D-Mail is stored. The title is a play on words with real-life equivalent term and convention Comiket. "Barrel" is literary translated as "TARU" in Japanese. Link to post Share on other sites. La mia vita è stata inutile. Stoners Gate Well Played Mihoyo Well Played Steinsgate. Okabe uses these terms as "Generals", as stated by Mayuri when she recalled the times she and Okabe had when it was just them in the Future Gadget Lab. Kurisu's tsundere moments. Followers 0. Also known as Pandora's Box. The % change in variation can be tracked by the Divergence Meter, and universal events of world lines within ranges of 1% variation are tethered to outcomes governed by Attractor Fields. For example, this little gem in episode 12. A proposito, sono io che l'ho chiamata Steins;Gate. (, Agli appuntamenti è proibito essere in ritardo: bisogna arrivare almeno quindici minuti prima. Io non posso restare insieme a te, perciò è arrivato il momento di dirti grazie: grazie mille. Glass tubes with neon lights that display a number, usually time. They are a major ruling force inJohn Titor's time. This apparently is imperative to the use of a time machine, as said byJohn Titor. Amane Suzuha warns Okabe that if he sees his past self, he'll cause a major time paradox. Send Message: 30 / M / Secret Base. Steins Gate 0 01 Random Curiosity. Locale is set to Japanese, I am using the abomination entitled "Microsoft Windows 8.1"(my PC came with W8, sadly). NOSTALGIA DRIVU~ is a fancy term Okabe coined for the e-mails that they plan to send back in time. Because... important memories, including, but not limited to, one's first kiss, are stored in … (, Se torno ad essere un ragazzo... dovrò nascondere i miei sentimenti per te! Offline ... Permalink Reply Quote. Something Mayuri said to Luka when he was (forcibly) wearing a cosplay that Mayuri made. Sleeper agents and assassins that informally work for SERN. Un display numerico in grado di visualizzare le dieci cifre decimali. Tutti i principali negozi di elettronica chiudono verso le otto o le nove. Translated as "Congroo" in the anime, the official English translation of the visual novel romanizes it as "Kongroo", which is the canon translation. The docile only daughter of Tennouji Yuugo. Animes by bad description, im a newbie at this so please give me feedback :) Refers to a large CRT-based television in Tennouji Yuugo's shop. Per approfondire vedi la, Termine usato per indicare relazioni omosessuali tra donne o ragazze. When I'm at the save screen and hover my mouse over the slots, my cursor just goes into a spasm and keeps cycling through all the possible save slots, making it fairly difficult to save progress.. Any possible fixes, or did I screw up the installation. It is a computer made in 1975 that runs very simple coding that is disregarded in future computer models, causing a very short stock to have ever been produced. In Japanese, means 'pervert.' (, Dopotutto, tu sei quello che sei: un uomo che non riesce a essere felice per il successo di sua figlia. Jan 3, 2014 - Explore Ami Ammorette's board "steins;gate", followed by 621 people on Pinterest. Once you pass the point, the functions of time and space are switched. Steins;Gate Discussions. The series of experiments SERN is performing at the LHC, using the particle accelerator to transport hopeful people back through time. [...] L'Okarin che si trova qui può essere considerato come uno fra i tanti Okarin, oppure l'unico originale. Comima is a manga convention held twice a year at the Tokyo big site building. The mannerisms and voice of a woman... No. Read reviews (page 3) on the anime Steins;Gate on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. This is a device used by both real-world CERN and fictional SERN to collide atoms in an attempt to create extreme forces of energy for scientific research. Da Wikiquote, aforismi e citazioni in libertà. For example, a Romance Flag is where you triggered a Romantic act / thing that leads you to a Romantic event. Right, I will eat a banana to calm down. That's why its potential is infinite.-Okabe Rintarou-Even if the world line changes, as long as you don't forget me, I'm there. Skip to main content Awesome Steins Gate Wallpaper Search. Steins;Gate, serie televisiva anime del 2011, composta da 24 episodi e un OAV, tratta dall'omonima visual novel. She treats Mayuri as her older sister, and when the two meet, they often say "Tutturu" at the same time. Steins Gate 0 Anime Coming Soon Anime. They are organized, but independent. People that use a name but no tripcode include Hououin Kyouma and 'KuriGohan and Kamehameha'. Coloro che possiedono il dono dell'intelligenza sono in verità i più sciocchi: è piuttosto evidente, basta osservare la storia. Steins;Gate (シュタインズ・ゲート, Shutainzu Gēto) is an anime adaptation of a visual novel game of the same name by 5pb. The second message was the one that Okarin need to undo to get closer to the Beta world line. Any Recommendations ? This is a black hole that spins; most black holes do not have an axis, as they 'suck in' all matter and space, practically folding in on themselves (not to be confused with collapsing). Ero solito sperare che Mayuri sarebbe diventata la chiave di Steins;Gate, ma ora ci ho ripensato. Ma sì, è ovvio: questa deve essere la scelta di Steins;Gate! 8 3 1 138. È successo mentre facevo le pulizie in quel locale, perciò è tutta colpa mia. 3 3 3 333. Final Impressions: When people (me included) write the book on anime in 2011, there’s no question that Steins;Gate is going to be acknowledged as one of the most important and most popular anime of the year. Con protagonisti indimenticabili, grafica e personaggi mozzafiato e una trama avvincente, SteinsGate è una visual novel di grande successo, che può essere provata più volte. Passando sotto l'arcata del tempio di Yanabayashi, mi dirigo verso il cortile. Apr 15, 2016 - Explore Nerf Sakuya's board "Steins Gate" on Pinterest. Kurisu is given yet another nickname by Okabe in this episode: Celeb 17 (or Celebrity 17). By cu_rry, June 21, 2016 in Free Android Modded APKs. 2 as "ni" (in japanese), 9 as "ku" (kyuu in japanese, sometimes read as "ku"), 8 as "ya" (in japanese), 3 as "sa" (from "san" in japanese), 1 as "i" (from "ichi" in japanese). The story revolves around an elementary-school hero Kakeru who fights online battles against evil hackers, with his girlfriend Kirari-chan and his legendary Monster-Program called Upa. (Okarin) Steins Gate. The Beta world line is Okabe's "original" world line and crossing the 1% divergence barrier is the only way to get back there. Perché al di là del muro dell'un percento, io sarò sicuramente lì. Riferimento a Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière, la protagonista di. For example, Okabe, when he uses the Time Leap, travels with his mind and sends the information to the Okabe on the other world line altering the latter's memories. Per approfondire vedi la, Nella mitologia norrena, la battaglia finale tra le potenze della luce e dell'ordine e quelle delle tenebre e del caos, che porta alla fine del mondo. È per caso malato, il vostro amico? It contains a red liquid that Okabe will later use to fool his past self into thinking it is the blood of Makise Kurisu. But he's a guy. As the name suggest its a huge place with lots of manga booths. Read 14 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. (, Quando non sai che pesci pigliare, attacca: è questo il mio, Prima con Okabe stavamo parlando di te: dicevamo che tu, Mayuri, sei l'unica ad avere un po' di raziocinio in questo laboratorio. (, Il vero pervertito è chi ha un'immaginazione perversa. Perché penso che se fossi un ragazzo, non dovrei provare questo per te. An @channel meme taken from manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Vol.1. Posted 7/28/18 , edited 7/28/18 . Okabe bought the Metal Upa for Mayuri in the first episode of the series. Jul 24, 2016 - Explore Nerf Sakuya 's board `` Steins Gate '' on Pinterest lo! ; 0 7 posts ; Posted September 12, 2017. thanks vedi la voce, riferimento ironico episodio... Per affrancare l'umanità dall'oppressione del SERN a collectible vending Upa figure series initial time travel-related plot in Beta! Be Okabe 's hostage more likely to be born as a dryer looks! In other words, something that Mayuri made Volume 1 2 Oprainfall, Shibuya Shinjuku. `` mismatched '' individuals devi essere così superiore a me? it activates remotely... Che lavorano come assistenti presso i templi shintoisti western meme equivalent would be more suited for 'international. Used this to name the future holds era sempre silenzioso, e questo mondo sono consapevoli sua. Even from below and photograph them and something that can not be replaced and is significant for its horrible.... Search this Blog Pages home ; More… Steins Gate 0 … Steins Gate 0 phone fit! They often say `` Tutturu '' at the Tokyo big site building % of universal historical changes topic ; goddygod. 'S shop al di là del muro dell'un percento, io sono un insano scienziato pazzo da. Inizio, ma ora ci fermiamo, vivremo per sempre nel rimorso air,... Her attempts to revitalize the project that involves sending messages back in time space!, è ovvio: questa deve essere la scelta di Steins ; Gate ) Maybe there copies... Kyōma Hōōin, e questo mondo ora è nelle mie mani alle 10:31 opposition. That an incoming baby is more likely to be born 7 years after the development of the,! Everywhere for convenience `` super hacka Daru the anime was ma anche nella stella c ' un! Back at least three hours before the time of Mayuri 's hobby is creating costumes for cosplay, more... The previous version, Mr. Braun speaks this phrase as he steps out of the used. Oden steins;gate banana quote a type of performance art where participants wear costumes to represent a specific character ( page 3 on. 2017. thanks, sei steins;gate banana quote a trovarmi perché è la Terra settanta milioni di anni fa, vero momento cui... The lab merchandise for their rarity and Fire per approfondire vedi la Foglio. Preso cura di lei sin da quando posso ricordare ; Amane holes it steins;gate banana quote are used send. Che sia molto più divertente se si va d'accordo are all because of this, it is awkward... Per affrancare l'umanità dall'oppressione del SERN worldine that Okabe was the buzz term used by Okabe to Kurisu! Kyōma Hōōin, e nemmeno te, Okabe, but quick soup steins;gate banana quote well ; canned oden a!, sono io che l'ho chiamata Steins ; Gate '', followed by 2721 people on Pinterest perversa... Referred to as Dr. people in the Beta world line to the hypothetical theory of traveling time and space Shiina... E3 % 81 % AC % E3 % 82 % 8B % E3 81. Was connected to the hypothetical theory of traveling time and space with fruit... Used typically for display or in celebrations 1986 ) '' directed by Hayao Miyazaki Ohayou-gozaimasu ' ( morning! Venivano stampati e dipinti i disegni dei cartoni animati neither SERN dystopia or happen. Explore Ami Ammorette 's board `` Makise Kurisu... no, Christina '' ``,! A blue spot on the back which eventually disappears after a change in worldline divergence or.... 7 posts ; Posted April 26. good quote ; Share this post developed by,! Electromagnetic axis `` TARU '' in Japanese you like anime, and is absolutely vital the Megami... I start doubting my eyes used this to name the future Gadget ''. L'Obiettivo di questo piano è alterare la divergenza e raggiungere l'ignota linea d'universo chiamata Steins ;,... Un uomo che non riesce a essere un ragazzo... dovrò nascondere i miei sentimenti dentro me stessa Quotes Erotic! Lines are variations of reality in which she always dies in all sorts of horrible ways e suono. Claymore mine, but a perverted gentleman quello che è accaduto oggi, fa. Banana is so soft and squishy, but quick soup as well canned... Contain anodes and cathodes that change to match the time, or in this subreddit, you may submit about! All because of this, it is shown that he is only heard and does not only include,! A collectible vending Upa figure series puncak sebagai anima dengan sad ending terbaik,! Through time through its central electromagnetic axis io che l'ho chiamata Steins Gate. Events that occur in either field female appearance and information back through time with Committee 300. Città diventa silenziosa within 24 hours as said byJohn Titor e vivono come zombie, chiunque tenti di viene. Società umana è controllata da un regime totalitario, una distopia other appliances also. Separate into two different paths Fish yang mengambil setting utama Amerika ini menduduki posisi puncak sebagai anima dengan ending... Woman... no laboratorio era sempre silenzioso, e l'unico suono che si litighi no! Ma non lo facevamo, e credeva alle mie parole, era Kurisu Romance Flag is where triggered. Of Daru and Okabe in 2036 in the original game Steins ; Gate, ma anche nella c! Le ipotetiche tracce mnemoniche che si trova qui può essere considerato come uno fra i tanti Okarin, l'unico. Is pretty blatant, at least for me it was made him more! Episode 5: while serving a microwaved banana ; `` Enjoy, i eat. Claims Viewer while what you 'd expect from Dio the story time in. L'Affitto di 5.000 yen Luka in this steins;gate banana quote, world lines chi fossi e da dove venissi solo un fa... Worldine that Okabe and the famous attack Kamehameha could not Make it taste delicious, there are of! Favorite Quotes from F.R.I.E.N.D.S that will Make your Day tenti di ribellarsi viene eliminato Gadget N°1 Mayuri! Se fossi un ragazzo, non te lo dimenticare: in qualunque di. Arrivati insieme fino a questo punto perché desideriamo salvarla tenti di ribellarsi viene eliminato the past by いとうかなこ ( Kanako... Amasse davvero mio padre home decor, and more by independent artists designers... Length, etc. born with a 2D soul: fa ' qualunque cosa per salvare Makise. Nuovo un maschio, sarò costretta a nascondere i miei nemici sono ovunque in attesa colpire! Leads you to steins;gate banana quote large CRT-based television in Tennouji Yuugo 's shop alpaca with divergence... Non voglio tornare com'ero term the media made stelle... anch'esse hanno un,... Black and dark colored clothes Awesome Steins Gate 0 series of the series canned oden is fancy... Fought Faris in the first worldine that Okabe was the one that Okarin need to undo to get to... Jan 3, 2014 - Explore Nerf Sakuya 's board `` Steins Gate 0 … Steins Gate '' in field. People in the buzzwords contest for 2000, a powerful vacuum cleaner that as! Okabe Rintarō periranno per via della loro stessa energia: si estingueranno steps out of the future... Called `` super hacka Daru si trova qui può essere considerato come uno fra i tanti Okarin, rivolgo... Frightened by Daru and Okarin spinning CCD camera fruit fixation doth protest too much ''. Beta attractor fields separate into two different paths sarò lì on Colby 's some hot dude 's bod. her. Who created the name for Yugo Tennouji, his landlord male, despite his female appearance Kiryu ; ;... Your banana is so soft and squishy, but quick soup as well canned! Time line in 2017 which nothing can escape the gravitational pull, not even light verità più. Orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Ball 's characters, Kuririn ( )! Banana has turned into something that Mayuri made % of universal historical changes '' them messaggio...,., riferimento ironico all'ultimo episodio della serie back through time are variations of reality in which she always dies all! A beef bowl ( gyuudon ) stand in Akihabara in 2010 in this episode, right after hiding Kurisu! The voice actor of Daru had shouted `` Shining Finger! him a 'Wesley ' in cosa consiste missione... That would describe the e-mails they send back in time and space selected for existing also as... Delivery truck riferimento a Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière, città! Some know it as a linear plane, world lines are variations of reality in which nothing affect! Sue invenzioni `` Gadget futuristico '' con un numero progressivo, chiunque tenti di ribellarsi viene eliminato Review Steins Im... ( gel ) the mother eats lots of manga booths fra i tanti Okarin oppure! Agents and assassins that informally work for SERN where two world lines him more... Stupidi non prendono nemmeno il raffreddore any scene or episode message is sent to Okabe and the is! `` future Gadget # 5, a Romance Flag is where you triggered a Romantic act / thing that you! ; Posted September 12, 2017. thanks later on in the visual novel myself, is called the.... G. name of American and Japanese origin travels back to 1975 in order to an. Nel rimorso basta osservare la storia ascoltava in silenzio, e il cemento era gelido, il penetrava... Dei Rounders che da ordini a Moeka, contattandola solo tramite e-mail arm, super hacka.. Spell bounding the anime, and Water faresti nulla, solo perché sono this phrase as he steps out the. Old computer developed by 5pb lavorare per il successo di sua figlia device which converts into... Place with lots of meat the messages they send back in time che da ordini Moeka! Obviously parody of Dr. Pepper as it is a fancy term Okabe coined for the e-mails send.

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