has demonstrated itself to follow through and make right any design problems related to their products. It also helps the gun appeal to a broader crowd. I respect Sig for raising the bar but Glock passed them real quick with the Glock 43X and Glock 48. Still – Sig, as a company, while not perfect (who is!?) Next thing you know, people and verifying through independent backyard testing (on video, mind you) the the lauded trigger in the P320 is not drop safe, and Sig is very slow to respond. Anyway grab whichever one feels best to you. Super weird that your G43 would have a malfunction with my actual everyday carry ammo when my Glock 43 eats it up without a hitch. All these guns are very capable of engaging targets at defensive distances at speed with good shot placement. Think about it for a minute, 10+1 in the Sig is as many rounds as a single stack 9mm 1911 holds. The Sig with its 10 round flat or extended finger support magazine is 3 rounds above the S&W or 4 above the Glock. I have to agree with Mike Gardner. There are hundreds of people who can prove you wrong. Freedom should be dangerous not a system of infringement and “ common sense.”. However, I have not yet to buy it until I can figure out the myriad issues I’ve read about and whether or not I think that it won’t happen. Remington had issues with the 700 trigger going boom without pulling the trigger. I have owned and traded off the Glock 43, it's just too small and too low capacity. anyone ? SIG designed a unique magazine that maximized the gun’s size efficiency. I hope everyone reading this stays healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Manufacturers can and do send T&E firearms that have received special attention by inspectors before shipping. If one equates “freedom” with the absurdly low bar set before acquiring a gun, one then is accepting the high suicide rates, among veterans and LEO, as an ancillary cost of said “freedom” I suspect very few survivors and relatives would feel good with. Also would like to see comparison with Kimber Micro. They still need to build public trust. Cannot do the practicing I like at a range and while Gunsite is not that far from where I live the desert is free 🙂. Nope. Grip size difference is clear between Sig and S&W in this photo. Maybe not innovative now but they fit my hand well (after some aftermarket grip work) and why I carry those over everything else is even if I do not get the chance to go out and practice, when I do those shields draw & shoot like I was just practicing yesterday. They were drilled .001 inches off center, enough to slow a fat cartridge down in an already tight chamber enough to cause a failure to fire. My wife and I were both carrying Sig P938s when the P365 came out. It sported night sights, came with a pinky extension and proved to be a very easy shooting gun. The numbers in the table above are usually all you really get, but when comparing these 3 guns it’s worth getting a little more specific. I shot both the Hellcat and P365 before deciding on the P365. Read your history. In fact, there’s a great Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat article on our Gun Blog. Smith & Wesson Introduces Tricked Out Shield EZ,…, CCL Holder Helps Save Police Officer in Chicago Shootout, Guns of the North Hollywood Shootout: Life Imitates Art, INSANE Dashcam Footage Shows Roadside Shootout…, ***Shop GunsAmerica for your next Sig P365 pistol***, ***Shop GunsAmerica for your next S&W M&P Shield pistol***, ***Shop GunsAmerica for your next Glock 43 pistol***, The Rugged Life and Gory Death of Wild Bill Hickok, Clay’s COVID-19 Gun Buying Guide for Noobs Part II: Holsters & Slings, https://www.glockstore.com/Magazine-Extension-for-Glock-43, Remington High Terminal Performance 147 grn JHP, Hornady Critical Defense Light 100 grn FTX. Says $599, “a bit higher, etc..”. I only got rid of it because I got the TRP Operator. It would be a very educational video for people looking it CCW. Hey. Troublesome! He has been featured on several of Outdoor Channel’s Shooting Gallery episodes and on a Downrange TV series. We swapped them back and forth a few times. This ensures the gun is plenty precise at concealed carry ranges. However, it appears its short barrel wasn’t too detrimental as the P365 ended up with some small groups while doing accuracy testing. collapse. Have you tried the Springfield Armory Hellcat or the SIG Sauer P365? I have an old Jennings 9 that is just as small and holds more rounds. S&W had the greatest sight radius due to rear sight reaching to the back of the slide. SIG found out the sights they were shipping with the guns were failing to glow in the dark. So after a not so patient wait to get the newly popular P365 it’s time to get down to the range, scales and numbers to see how it does. In fact my XDs Mod.2 has had zero malfunctions and my Glock 43 has had a few of them. The Springfield XDs and XDe both have grip and/or manual safeties whereas Springfield did not include at least a grip safety on the Hellcat. The P365 clearly wins in this category. Personally, I know that most of the talk centers on the magazine capacity, but I would still tell people to carry the gun that they shoot best. I love it and don’t care what anyone else comes out with. Dennis Eagleberger. I also own a Colt Classic 1911, SA Range Officer Compact and a Sig P320c and amazjngly I shoot the P365 better than any of them. Absolutely no way I carry the 365 or trust my family’s life to that platform. The accidental discharge statistics are too great to ignore. Different selections for different needs of the moment and to give the girls the proper rotation in my edc. I have heard NOTHING about quality problems from the Hellcat! The vast majority are also very patriotic.These patriots despise the loss of liberty given by God and enshrined in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. If you put the Hogue grip with the Pearce pinky extension on it you don’t want to put the gun down it feels that good in your hand! This review was nothing but a way to make Sig look good. You omitted to mention MSRP ! our beloved hobby ? Well, when Dallas PD had 500 of them with similar issues, they replaced my barrel. I still love my P938, but it now sits idle in the safe having been supplanted by the P365. Firearms are by far the worst example of this. If this is a test of “Micro”, where’s the Bond Bullpup (nee Boberg + improvements)? It takes a little retraining, but at 15 yards, you can make headshots. It wasn’t even a shootout or comparison it was a Sig Sauer P365 promotion. A one pound trigger pull difference might not seem like much but it’s significant on a percentage basis and was noticeable while shooting groups. I used to carry a Sig P320 Subcompact with 12 rounds. Well said. As a previous article here stated, the easiest gun to fire. The 2 Sigs replaced the P320sc, P320c, P320RX, P320 full size, Glock 43. Obviously, it isn’t as easy to conceal… It has similar capacity and size, just a bit thicker and is a DA/SA. Always enjoy reading them. So, while you prefer the Sig to the others, people are shooting 2,000 to 3,000 rounds to prove to themselves that the gun is reliable. Those two things can make a difference in the review regardless of who does the review. I have a Sig 938 and a GSR in .45 bought used. That’s a big question to ask and we’ve got a long answer. If you have large hands it might not fit you as well as it fits me but if you have small to medium hands it might be the answer to all of your needs in an EDC pistol. Bersa Thunder 380 IWB Holster. These Fudds just don’t get it. It has a similar width to the Sig P365. Trigger & price 709 slim got them all beat. Average of 6 trigger pulls is 4 lbs. Glock 43 vs. 43X: Pros and Cons. After carrying mine near daily since completing a straight-from-the-box 1,000 round test, I thought […] The Sig is also the only one of the three that has an accessory rail that will be able to accommodate the lights and lasers that will be coming shortly. This is the king of micro’s red dot or not! I own a P320, a Springfield XDM compact and a couple rugers. I think it will remain the king and the competition will have to fight hard in 2020 to unseat the SIG P365 in 2021. Absolutely! By shoehorning 10+1 rounds into a pistol the size and weight of every other mainstream company’s 6+1 round offering, they turned heads and changed minds. As identical holsters for each were not available I shot them all from a low ready start. There are too many other high quality firearms on the market to carry something that could get you or a loved one injured because of a malfunction, or worse, not work when you need it most. Stumbled across a new P365 at the local gun-store literally by accident. It’s also a soft shooting gun that’s easy to rack, accurate, and has a great trigger. I feel confident in the P365 design. Would this difference be noticeable under stress in a hostile encounter – maybe, maybe not? When we use terms like “it held more bullets than its rival competitors” in the first paragraph, even though we know what you mean, it weakens our personnel standing on knowledge of the subject we speak. My P938 has not ever failed and it has been shot about 300 rounds. I took it to the range and shot it side by side with my Shield (Performance Center). Mine are accurate and reliable, and as far as cost goes, what is your life worth? Either firearm will do the business. I own a number of small 9mm pistols, including a G43, Shield, and P365. For now, the P365 remains the champ of concealed carry guns. Thanks for your opinions on them. It adds no more length than the non +1 extension, but now we’re at 7+1 onboard. I recall Sig having many issues with their P365 when it was first released!!! 0352… will put. We Americans are rapidly losing freedoms once cherished and taken for granted. Felt like we were shooting 380.ammo out of it. My P365 does demonstrate the extreme “firing pin” drag and base scratching of spent cartridges others have reported – leading to breakages in their P365 firing pins. The P365 premiered in 2018 and was unlike any gun we’d ever seen before. The cost of the gun is high and the 12 round magazine retailing close to $50 is crazy expensive. I have shot ~300 rounds with the P365 without a single failure using Remington Golden Saber 147 gran, Federal HST 124 grain, and Hornady Critical Defense 124 grain. Out of stock. Overhang on a Hellcat is minor, about 1/8th of an inch on the right side, and 1/4 on the left due to the battery compartment. It also has a flat trigger that is awesome. She didn’t feel comfortable with the cocked and locked nature of the P238 I got her. The Springfield Hellcat also comes in an optic’s ready model. On a more personal note, I had a 5.0 mustang when they first came out way back when,I wouldn’t have recognized it if it wasnt hooked up to a tow truck…does that make all other mustang’s piles of crap? The Second Amendment was not created to guarantee hunters and target shooters the right to pursue their sports, although that has been an ancillary result. It also has the smallest front to back measurement of the grips, resulting in the smallest circumference, making the gun fit well in smaller hands. 1 year ago Reply. Sig P365 in 2020: Still the Best Concealed Carry Gun? It would be a very educational video for people looking it CCW. 1 year ago Reply. I wondered about that, thinking the problem might have been overblown. Without a doubt, we might see something new and extreme hit us in the face and outclass the P365. All three guns are in a league by themselves. He’s a Sig guy and hated to admit that. Competition is healthy, and I want SIG to have more to force them to keep innovating. I would not trust that gun with my life. Whatever the reason, it shot the best and all three shot well for “Micro-Compacts” at that distance. They take sig p226 magazines so you can have 20 or 30 rounds….BAM! I don’t have to try as hard to conceal now either. 500 rounds, no issues. Glock 43X Review. i carry the p.c. Sorry, no P365 in my immediate future, maybe never buy a new Sig, maybe a old P210, P229. 9mm, Excellent accuracy and carrying capability. From holsters to new triggers, sights, baseplates, magazine releases, and more, the P365 has a healthy aftermarket. Good points and just to clear the air- I bought the gun ( the first one the local shop had come in) as soon as it was available at full retail price, I received nothing from Sig for doing the article, and I still have it and carry it. I shot all three for 50 rounds at 15 feet. Comfort Cling Holsters usually ship within 1-2 days. I like sig but for the money….why not just carry a taurus g2c or g3c?? Sig Sauer 1911 ... Glock 43/43X IWB Holster. I’ve had XD pistols for years and have NEVER had a “quality problem”. Agreed. Shooting Illustrated, an NRA publication, has named it the Handgun of the Year. SIG had problems when they came out. Fine weapon in my humble opinion. As the law enforcement market is going back to 9mm, the P365 is getting some attention. I agree with others in the comments section, first you should have used the M2.0 version of the shield. That extra 2 pound trigger pull gave me some of the worst shooting I’ve ever done. Glocks are the one gun that never need to defend or prove their reliability. However, that gun won’t have the P365’s logistics or aftermarket for quite some time. The P365 came out of the box, ready to be carried. Firearms are merely tools. Jeff Cramblit is a world-class competitive shooter having won medals at both the 2012 IPSC World Shotgun Championship in Hungary and more recently the 2017 IPSC World Rifle Championship in Russia. My Glock goes bang every time and I trust it to go bang every time. The Sig with its 12 in the magazine + 1 in the chamber, for 13 total rounds, placed good hits on the silhouettes and allowed me to engage all six plates and have one extra round for a pick up on a missed plate. They have to fight their way uphill. Come on John, you can do better than this. the 2.0 major improvement over the original. (I couldn’t get a Walther PPS, but have tried one since, and it wouldn’t have changed my choice. So where did they hide all those extra rounds in the SIG? Example, P320, P365. She likes the small size of the p365 with the flush mag. I have owned and shot all three pistols. If SIG is smart, they’ll use SHOT to launch a new model of the P365, potentially a legion model, and keep their momentum going. Be safe out there. With all the press you would think SIG just invented the subcompact 9mm. The Shield and the Glock are dumptruck reliable performers and the Sig is a paperweight in my own experience. I didn’t like my S&W shield sold out after 200 rounds. Regular price $52.00 $40.00 Sale. Guns with extended magazines inserted. It is good to see the big boys get on board. They are all great guns and I have shot them all. That is my choice. The XL model also brought with a flat-faced trigger and was optic ready. I can keep a 4 inch grouping at 7 yards with rapid fire. Additionally, we got the Coyote NRA edition P365 and a two-tone stainless model. Sig still won hands down. Yes, it is double stacked but it is still small. The extensions for Glock make it much harder to conceal imo. The gun is also ported to reduce muzzle rise, and this works surprisingly well. Having different configurations and options most certainly keeps a gun present. AND half the price. So comfortable, in fact, you'll Conceal Carry everyday. Trigger superiority of the 365 cannot be overstated. Your comment is is in no way relevant to the article. I traded it for a Springfield TRP Operator. Absolutely right Tom. Modern gun culture has degenerated into false idolatry, and excuses for indulging in Boy Toys. I don’t think the SIG P365 will be unseated in 2020. The gun still shoots 1.25 inch at 25 meters using cheap ammo. Not happy with a company that now seems to rely on it’s customers to do it’s quality control testing for them, at the customers expense, financially and life and limb. For now, all we can say is long live the king. Spread freedom like a disease. Irrespective of what contributers to this article may think about the pistol (myself included) – and what YouTube contributors confidently tout, pro or con, the P365 is pushing the market competitively in a good direction. Teach a family member or friend to shoot. EDC, Back to Sig today 4-6 week turnaround. Purchased it along with the extended magazine. It also looks amazing and it’s a nicer experience all round. I went with shield 40, holds 7+1 of underwood 115g extreme defender rounds. The XD series of which the Hellcat is part of has never been as successful as SIG’s handguns. I used to choose between 6 guns in the morning to match my clothes and loadout. Shoot lots and stay safe. Feature Articles, Remember “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner; Liberty is a well armed lamb protesting the vote”, I think living here in California I can say from experience that they really chip away at liberty in every aspect of life. It’s tricky to get accustomed to, but not impossible. Just using that product seems like your promoting gun control and against the 2nd amendment. The Sig has a smooth recoil and a lighter trigger. We’re not even close to expert handgunners. Good article. Streamlight TLR-6® Tactical Light for GLOCK, Springfield Armory and SIG SAUER. The G43 is extremely compact and perfect for concealed carry. It’s winning feature was its grouping– nothing short of amazing for a baby 9. However, grip extensions are available which leave the Glock with an 8+1 option and still very concealable. Clips are probably the most stable I’ve seen with any IWB . Notwithstanding, I still carry a secondary in the event design malfunctions – noted in other users’ experiences – should happen to my own model. Everything you stated in your article is spot on. Disgusted. Take care, remain vigilant and stay safe. Shoot and shoot often. The P365 isn’t going to be approved by any military anytime soon, but police forces have taken a look at it. Now, which gun would you rather have? I don’t need more than 28 rounds. The only other conclusions I arrive at is that I liked the way the P365 grip feels better than the other two guns, but I shot the Glock 43 just a little bit faster, possibly due to previous familiarity. Mag after mag. The Shield is a great shooter and fits the hand well. This is what happens when people jump on the bandwagon of every “Johnny Come Lately.” Sig polymer is not Sig metal.