You will also find various articles to help you maintain your cats health. It has only been observed in some cases. The main causes of rodent ulcer are allergies to fleas, foods, the chemicals in plastic and rubber bowls, environmental pollutants, synthetic ingredients in … My vet told me that it can be nasty if left untreated. If your cat shows up with a fat lip and she hasn’t been in a fistfight lately, she may have a rodent ulcer. The name 'rodent ulcer' comes from an old, incorrect belief that these lesions were caused by the bite of a mouse or rat. Injection (Depo-medrol): Three courses given at two-week intervals. Long term steroid use in cats can be hard on their organs, so your vet will help you find the lowest effective dose. All Rights Reserved. Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) in Dogs and Cats. Rodent ulcer … // ]]> Waking up to find that your cat suddenly has a red, angry-looking sore on their lip can certainly seem like a veterinary emergency. Rodent ulcers (like the one shown above) typically appear on the upper lip, usually as a small swelling. [CDATA[ If your cat is already on a flea preventative and the cause is most likely a food allergy, a change in food would be most beneficial. Thermal burns occur in the mouth when your cat eats something hot and electrical burns occur when your cat chews through an electrical cord, this type of injury occurs most in younger cats. It’s important for you and your veterinarian to try and find the allergen and eliminate it, otherwise the rodent ulcer may recur and continue to recur for the remainder of your cat’s life. They are also one of the three maladies that comprise something called an Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex (EGC). If your cat has a known allergy, take all measures to eliminate it. In any case, your cat will be tested for the feline leukemia virus. Look for sores on the lips and mouth. We have all the information you will need to make your cat's life easier and relieve unwanted dandruff and other skin conditions. They are most commonly found on the upper lip. We are just wondering if Rodent Ulcer is life threatening, and any treatments that will work. Please try to take your cat to your vet asap. There are two common methods of administering cortisone: If an allergy is the suspected cause for a rodent ulcer, such as a flea allergy, your veterinarian will recommend a flea treatment and preventative. Since a hypersensitivity to ectoparasites (that is parasites that live outside the body, such as fleas and mosquitos) is a common cause of them, keeping your cat up to date on their flea and tick medication is a must. He has Feline herpes virus. Avoid anything with pyrethrin as this is toxic for cats. However, that does not mean that all cats with rodent ulcer have feline leukemia. What does it look like? Of the hypersensitive disorders, incriminated fleabite hypersensitivity is the most important, followed less commonly by atopic dermatitis and food hypersensitivity/intolerance. Ingredients like corn, rice, lentils, peas, garbanzo beans, and wheat are what manufacturers use as the “sticky ingredient” to make … In other words, open sores (similar to … 1. Oftentimes your cat's clinical symptoms and physical exam findings are enough for your vet to pinpoint what's going on. They may also start them on a short course of steroids to help with the inflammation. Liz Waynick is a Registered Vet Tech (RVT) who has worked with a variety of animals and is excited to share her knowledge. //