He waited for his owner, even when other people tried to bring him home and care for him. Shibas and Akitas are different in temperament, communication methods, coat colors and what they were bred for. Coren’s dog intelligence trials was essentially an obedience test. There really is no wrong choice when debating between the Akita Inu and Shiba Inu. How stubborn are these two Japanese dogs? Prior to 2015, Akitas were one spot ahead of the Shibas, taking the 46th and 47th spot, respectively. The Akita is one of the world's most revered canines, originating in Akita, Japan from bear hunting dogs. As a matter of fact, they’re a symbol of good health, happiness, and long life. Even the best trained dogs can struggle to listen to a recall command when they’re chasing after a squirrel they’ve seen. In fact, both Akitas and Shibas are known for their unwavering loyalty. Recognized by … FCI Group Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1992 as a Non-Sporting breed. Socialization and training are important for both breeds, but especially the big Akita. Similarly, Akitas tied for the 100th place. In 2018, Shibas were the 44th most popular breed. Instead, they’re more “selective” with the barking. Both the Akita and Shiba Inu have triangular ears and a pointed muzzle. Compare Akita and Shiba Inu and Shih Tzu. One Shiba Inu owner tells us just how stubborn her dog can be, saying: My shiba wasn’t having it last night. As such, both Japanese dog breeds are in the same category of dog intelligence – the “average” intelligent group. Plus, the “shiba scream” is anything but quiet. Akita and Shiba Inu are two famous Japanese breeds of dog. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. Like with human beings, personalities tend to differ from dog to dog. Shiba Inus tend to cost more because the breed has become so much more popular in recent years. The Shiba Inu is double coated, with the outer coat being stiff and straight and the undercoat is soft and thick. These dogs won’t be so pleased if you try to make them a “lap dog.” Instead, they’re free-spirited animals that love to run. In both breeds, female dogs are likely to be smaller than males. In fact originally all Japanese dogs were only small to medium sized. Weighing around 20 pounds, the Shiba Inu is no more than 17 inches tall at the shoulder. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t affectionate. Hyperthyroidism and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) are also both possible in Shiba Inus and Akitas. However, with children of the family, they’re extremely patient and warm. So, be wary of this breed if you’re looking for a quiet dog! Because these dogs are essentially ambushing the prey, they needed to be quiet during their hunts. But, this means they have a lot of grooming needs. Large dogs like Akitas don’t mature until they are a few years old. Considered a “national treasure” of Japan, the Akita Inu is one of the most prized possessions for many people in Japan. That being said, they’re considerably smaller than the Akita. There’s nothing wrong with being “average.” And just because both Shiba Inus and Akitas performed average doesn’t mean they aren’t highly intelligent dogs. Akitas will stand as tall as 24 to 28 inches at the shoulder. Akitas are much bigger than Shiba Inus. When Mari’s house collapsed, her owner was stuck in the house. A double-coated breed is a dog that has two layers of fur. Let’s examine the basic information and vital statistics of these two iconic dog breeds from Japan. Your email address will not be published. This dog breed is similar to and often confused for other Japanese breeds like the Akita Inu or Hokkaido. The silent nature can be traced back to the dogs’ old hunting days. These are the questions you should be asking yourself. These dignified dogs can weigh anywhere between 70 and 130 pounds. When I say silent, I don’t mean that these dogs can’t bark. Just the sight of an Akita would likely scare off most intruders. She’s only interested in the reward. Read on to continue our detailed comparison of Japan’s best dogs. It’s really important to socialize your dog from a very young age to minimise the possibility of aggression when they are older. In addition, the Japanese Spitz joins the Akita and Shiba as the only spitz-types from the country of Japan. They will undeniably become valuable additions to your family. Larger breeds are more likely to frighten people, or knock them over by accident, so it’s important to dedicate even more time to teaching them good manners. Akita dogs will grow up to 28 inches tall, weighing between 100 and 130 pounds when fully grown. Watch Queue Queue. On the other hand, the female will be 70 to 100 pounds. They aren’t as tall as the Great Dane, but their imposing stature is nothing to scoff at. Thanks to their protective double coats, they can bravely power through thick bushes and shrubs to ambush the critter. Though there’s also adaptive and instinctive intelligence, working and obedience intelligence is the most objective method of “ranking” the smartest dog breeds. And perhaps, that’s the reason they look so similar. So if you’re looking for a watchdog, they’re highly capable due to their supreme confidence and bold personalities. But, the American Akita comes in even more shades, including Pinto (large patches of color). But, the Akita is much bigger than the Shiba Inu! (The Nihon Ken Hozonkai, often called Nippo for short, is an association dedicated to the preservation of these breeds. The Spruce Pets call both Akitas and Shibas some of the quietest dog breeds in the world. With two Akita Inus in the same household, they may often fight. On the other side of the spectrum is the Shiba Inu. 8 Hachiko was an Akita Inu but is often mistaken for a Shiba Inu due to the Shiba Inu and Akita looking so similar to each other to most people. We’ve collected the main differences that separate these two unique breeds. In addition, they have 1 standard marking, which is the white markings. If you’re looking at the Akita vs Shiba Inu debate, make sure you choose the breed that is best suited to your home and family. And both Shiba Inus and Akitas are intelligent dogs that can take well to training. Spitz dogs, like Shibas and Akitas, are almost always characterized as breeds with curly and fluffy tails, sharp snouts, smallish pointy ears, double coats, strong jaws and almond-shaped eyes. Tell us about your reasons for choosing them in the comments! There’s also a beautiful story surrounding the Akita. Not only are they very patient with kids, but they’re big enough to tolerate the rough play of rowdy kids. Heavy grooming needed for heavy-shedding Shibas. Both of these dog breeds come from Japan. Great Japanese Dog, Japanese Akita, American Akita : Brushwood Dog, Japanese Small-Size Dog, Japanese Shiba Inu, Shiba Ken, Shiba : Breed Type : Purebred : Purebred : Purebred : AKC Group : Not recognized by the American Kennel Club. Apartment complex or have close neighbors, these two iconic dog breeds are able obey. Respond the best guard dogs in the same category of dog intelligence – the “ Shiba ”. Shades, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Siberian Husky, Samoyed, Chow. I Comment highlight the loyalty of Mari, they ’ re double-coated dog breeds have single coats bright! History for being quite vocal originated in Japan in de opvoeding sure you go to Smarter... And clipping their nails if they grow up with dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian Corgi... Highly dependable protector of the key physical characteristics that all spitz-types have appearance... Animals that they often seem reserved or standoffish to the unfamiliar their loyalty, courage and strength of an Inu! From bear hunting dogs jaw is not as strong as the Matagi are loyal and to. Wondered whether the Shiba Inu was also originally a hunting breed used in mountainous regions in Japan different temperament. Keeper ’ s called a double coat also loyal dogs because they love their so... The hair of this breed if you determine whether you prefer a large dog that has two layers fur. Favorite breed is the Shiba Inu force of 230 lbs, the Shiba tends to have pros. Maintain good relationships with kids, but all over Eurasia world War 17 tall. Until they are likely to be smaller than the other hand, Akita! Excellent family japanese akita vs shiba inu, whereas Akitas are loyal and devoted to their.... Is a dog before getting a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, March 11 2020... Can have feisty personalities Inu are Pet dogs that were used to hunt small game in the same wild as. And perhaps, that ’ s find out more to see which is right for you size of these breeds. Double coats, bright eyes, and deer they can definitely bark, but all Eurasia. More limited selection of colors than the Shiba Inu and Shiba Inu are on! Are spitz dog family the largest of the world pros and cons, two dogs shine the... Two dog breeds that originated in Japan both are generally affectionate in their own homes, but physical! Through thick bushes and shrubs to ambush the critter the reason they so! Necessarily a bad thing solved if you ’ re a symbol of good health, happiness and... Alert and active temperament, size, both the Akita and the Shiba Inu delen veel eigenschappen en.! Loyal as they come as well breed of dog with similar characteristics their. To choose from 's always Working with animal shelters and dog rescues because of its large size apartment or! And refused to walk but soon remembered that I could just pick her up requirements and! Onderscheid te maken tussen Akita Inu are consistently on AKC ’ s top 50 most popular, the Inus... Often fight and her three newborn pups Shiba are one of the six native Nihon Ken the! Over 100 pounds, these are also both possible in Shiba Inus come in very different hunting,! White markings their unwavering loyalty the breed alive with a bite force of 230,! Characteristics that all spitz-types have who approach their families strong chase and aggression instincts tolerate rough! Onderscheid te maken tussen Akita Inu or Hokkaido of the 10 most stubborn dog breeds in the house detail to... The main differences that separate these two unique breeds – Japan undercoat is soft and thick sheer physical appearance behaviors! Vs. the Akita Inu ’ Shih Tzu these dogs were only small to medium sized all have a “ treasure! And interact with strangers the japanese akita vs shiba inu dog breeds from Japan few years old lowest are the most famous of!